It can be fun to plan a party for yourself, or even plan a party with a friend or a family member. But some special occasions, are worth making a surprise. So whether you are pulling the kind of surprise where you tell your subject to save the date but keep all the other details […]

Admit it – most of the parties you’ve thrown, you’ve tried to be planner, host and party-goer all at once. And the reason you didn’t want to hire an event planner? Most likely, you were trying to save on costs (which is totally understandable). But there are some events where it’s absolutely worth it to […]

While the pandemic taught us which services and businesses were more essential than others, the reopening of nightlife venues in Malaysia is a huge sign that things are truly and finally returning to normal. However, it can be expected that some people may feel hesitant to go out and party again, perhaps due to the […]

Are you a business owner, with a food- or gifting-based business in the Klang Valley? Would you like to venture into delivery services, but don’t quite know how to get started? The team at GemSpot is ready to take your business to the next level. By becoming a part of our network of F&B, gifting […]

If you’re someone who’s big on gifting, you may have your own go-to florists whom you trust to always deliver not just quality bouquets but also those heartfelt surprises you can count on for your loved ones. As a concierge platform that hosts a number of gifting and floral companies, we at GemSpot believe that […]

If you’ve been on our website recently, you might have realised that GemSpot has become so much more than a table booking and food and gift delivery service, as we are proud to now also offer event planning services! With this sensational new development, we at GemSpot are excited to make your events with us […]

Hari Raya is one of the biggest festive occasions in Malaysia, being not just the main holiday in the Islamic calendar, but also a joyous time for all Malaysians to enjoy food bazaars during the month of Ramadhan, open house visiting, and to feast on Raya dishes that everyone looks forward to such as rendang […]

With Hari Raya coming up, we at GemSpot are feeling rather festive! To get into the spirit of the Raya occasion, we decided to look up the meaning behind some popular festive occasions that are celebrated among the diverse cultures of Malaysia, as well as by other cultures in countries around the world. Do you […]

GemSpot is coming back in 2022 with a bang – with premium services and new experiences galore for our users to enjoy! As we prepare for our relaunch with a new-and-improved, soon-to-be-launched app, our merchants and vendors are ready to take your orders! In case you’ve missed ordering from the wide array of merchants we […]

At GemSpot, we are always evolving. As a leading concierge service in the Klang Valley, GemSpot is a B2C platform, providing users with food, gifting and lifestyle experiences, but also a B2B platform, providing merchants with the opportunity to connect with a larger customer base. And now, with an all-new GemSpot launching in 2022, we […]

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