The Return of Nightlife

While the pandemic taught us which services and businesses were more essential than others, the reopening of nightlife venues in Malaysia is a huge sign that things are truly and finally returning to normal.

However, it can be expected that some people may feel hesitant to go out and party again, perhaps due to the habit of being cautious for the past 2 years. However, there are actually many reasons to be happy that nightlife and entertainment venues are once again open, and we’re here to tell you just a few.

Nightlife and entertainment are an important part of the economy

Venues such as clubs and bars provide jobs for thousands of employees, and contribute to the tourism and hospitality industries. And for any city like Kuala Lumpur, nightlife venues are an essential part of the city’s identity, for both local and international crowds.

Photo by Khairi Harry

Furthermore, nightlife venues are not simply venues for dancing, they also often support other industries. For example, the arts scene requires venues for award ceremonies, and theatre or comedy shows. The events industry uses clubs to create one-of-a-kind experiences for companies and brands, for example for product launches. As clubs and bars double as event venues for other professions and communities, we can achieve a shared thriving amongst Malaysian businesses and customers.

Nightlife venues are where we celebrate and create memories

While clubbing may seem like an activity for the younger crowd, nightlife activities can evolve with you and your tastes.

While in your early 20s you might want to dance and go to the hottest venue in town, your 30s might instead lead you to more exclusive locations, such as speakeasies and whisky bars. And for those who are more mature, or with more mature tastes, you may want to host your own private events, and hire a venue just for you and your friends.

Whether or not you’re the drinking or dancing type, nightlife is about celebrating the moments. However you choose to party, there is no doubt that venues like bars and clubs are where we go to have fun, and to create memories with close friends.

Photo by Martin Lopez

We learn new things from nightlife activities

You may or may not have thought of it this way, but have you ever realised that there are things to learn from going out drinking and partying?

Let’s say for example you spend an evening at a club that also has a restaurant; you may learn about wine and food during the meal, then discover new cocktails and music at the party. It may even inspire interest to learn mixology, or even how to remix music yourself.

Photo by energepic.com

Through recommendations of your waiter, bartender, your friends, or even the DJ playing music, there are new things to discover from entertainment venues that we may not discover elsewhere.

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