Why Your Special Occasion Matters to GemSpot   

If you’ve been on our website recently, you might have realised that GemSpot has become so much more than a table booking and food and gift delivery service, as we are proud to now also offer event planning services!

With this sensational new development, we at GemSpot are excited to make your events with us as meaningful and memorable as possible. Imagine this: every time you plan an event from now on, we’ll be here to be your personal event planning specialist!

Want to know more about how to best use our services? Here are a few examples!


The thing about birthdays is, that when planning for a loved one it’s always difficult to keep it a surprise, and when planning a party for your own birthday, you don’t want to end up so busy organising and hosting that you don’t get to enjoy the party yourself.

With our party planning services, you can have an entire venue set-up with decorations such as balloons and flowers, order a cake, and even have food ordered without the birthday girl or boy (even if that person is yourself!) having to do much except for making a few clicks on your GemSpot account. No set-up, simply arrive at the party and enjoy the company of your friends and guests!

Plan to have the party at home? No problem, uncheck the ‘Venue’ part of your party order and have the food and decorations delivered or prepared for self-pickup.

Corporate Events

Work events can be hard to organise with everyone’s busy schedules, especially for team members who may have more commitments at home. While office pot lucks can be great opportunities for after-work bonding between colleagues, expecting everyone to chip in often ends up in too much food, too many similar dishes such as fast food, and a high probability of food wastage.

By utilising the GemSpot party planning services, you can opt for the bundle package to recommend an entire menu for you according to how many pax you’re ordering for, or choose a la carte items from the menu. You could also book a table or even a private room in a club or restaurant for your company dinner, and continue to enjoy post-dinner entertainment provided by the venue such as bar games like pool or digital pong, or even live music.

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In order to attain a milestone, there’s usually a lot of hard work put in towards the moment of achievement, with the days and weeks before it happens being a busy time for everyone involved.

A newborn’s full moon is always a busy time for new parents, academic achievement can only come after weeks of hard work and studying, and new homeowners are usually busy with moving and unpacking. This all means – there’s simply never enough time to plan a celebration for your milestone when you’re so busy making it happen!

Whether a baby’s 100-day ceremony or a personal achievement in #adulting, there are times when you deserve to take the load off yourself and just celebrate! An intimate gathering at home with family and friends, or treating your loved ones to a night out with a party just for your nearest and dearest, there are those special occasions when you deserve to have that blowout that you will remember forever.

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Whatever the budget, whether booking an event at a venue, or using the delivery or self-pickup options for food and decorations, GemSpot wants to be a part of your happy occasion.

Checkout our Party Planning services by creating a new event and browsing through our merchant offerings from venue, to food orders, catering, decorations and more!

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