Why Your Florist Deserves More Praise

If you’re someone who’s big on gifting, you may have your own go-to florists whom you trust to always deliver not just quality bouquets but also those heartfelt surprises you can count on for your loved ones.

As a concierge platform that hosts a number of gifting and floral companies, we at GemSpot believe that florists deserve much more praise and recognition for what they do to make our special occasions memorable.

Here are just a few among the many reasons why we all should show more appreciation to our favourite florists.

Florists work with perishable items

You may sometimes be tempted to bargain the cost of a bouquet – but have you ever stopped to consider the cost of cut flowers? Not only do flowers need to be collected and ordered in bulk, they also need to be stored correctly, with different kinds of flowers requiring different temperatures.

Think of florists as similar to fruit vendors; florists have a limited amount of time for their cut flowers to be incorporated into a bouquet, similar to how fruits are ideally sold at a certain point of ripeness. Bouquet-receivers ought to be presented with flowers that aren’t yet fully bloomed, which will allow them an average of a week or so to display their bouquets at home before the flowers wilt completely.

Cut flowers have a limited shelf life from the time they arrive in our florists to the moment where they are still suitable for a bouquet. Most florists won’t be able to have an accurate prediction of how many orders they might be receiving during gifting season or even at any given time, florists deserve more appreciation for the fact that they keep all our favourite and seasonal blooms in stock, always at the ready for customers.

Florists are multi-skilled

Have you ever watched a florist put a bouquet together? If you have, you might have noticed that florists are not just simply ‘flower arrangers’ – they are floral artists! And it’s not just about knowing how to group blooms and foliage together, there are so many skills involved in putting a bouquet together:

  • sizing the flowers according to bouquet size,
  • having knowledge of plant care such as how to preserve freshness (for example by moistening the stems to the cut blooms while incorporating them into a bouquet),
  • knowing how to wrap bouquet paper around the flowers, as well as
  • having ribbon-tying skills to not just hold the bouquet together but also to enhance its presentation,

to name a few!

Photo by Алекке Блажин

Florists spend our special occasions with us  

Local florists are always there for their community, ready to receive and deliver orders for those annual celebrations like Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays, as well as always being at our disposal for those unique occasions like sending congratulatory bouquets to our friends’ new businesses, creating custom floral displays and centrepieces for weddings, and more.

And with most florists, no matter how big or small the order, they are usually always willing to accommodate special requests like colour themes, selecting and suggesting flowers for in-season blooms, throwing in a few extra ribbons, and most of all, customising your order according to your budget.

While we are busy enjoying those special occasions, florists work through those days and events, all with the goal in mind of making your vision come true, and ensuring your day is special and memorable for you and your loved ones.

Thinking of a floral surprise for a loved one? Use the Delivery or Pickup options on GemSpot to order flowers from one of our creative florists today.

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