Join Us! A Call to Malaysian Merchants!

At GemSpot, we are always evolving. As a leading concierge service in the Klang Valley, GemSpot is a B2C platform, providing users with food, gifting and lifestyle experiences, but also a B2B platform, providing merchants with the opportunity to connect with a larger customer base.

And now, with an all-new GemSpot launching in 2022, we are looking for more merchants to join our network, and be a part of the next generation of lifestyle offerings in the Klang Valley and beyond. With event planning, table bookings and food delivery offerings reaching thousands of customers, and as we steadily return to normalcy as we wind down from the pandemic, GemSpot is ready to welcome more F&B outlets and events venues onto the platform!

Curious to find out more about what merchants stand to gain? Read on below.

Get access to 4,000 weekly active users!

Having started in 2017 as the pioneer brand of GEM Live, GemSpot has been steadily increasing its userbase, as well as its popularity among users in KL and Selangor.

With GemSpot, you will allow potential customers to discover your business and offerings, with opportunities to connect with them via delivery, dine-in bookings and by listing your premises as an event venue.

Don’t have a dedicated event space in your restaurant or outlet? No problem, we can also list your business for table bookings.

Have your bookings and reservations managed through your dashboard

Concerned about taking on additional management tasks? Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for any merchant to join us by creating a dashboard just for you.

Our GemSpot Biz app is much more than just an order-processing system; in addition to listing your menu offerings, it will also generate insights reports, provide options to contact us for support, and can be customized or paused to your operational hours should you close for public holidays or private events.

And that’s not all: Our app not only allows you to manage your various outlets, it also allows multiple users, so that all your outlet and shift managers can have easy access to orders placed via the GemSpot platform.

Immediate stock inventory feedback

Under the new Celebration Packages feature with GemSpot, users will be able to make group bookings for personal events, which can include venue, menu and even decorations.

Under Party Planning, users will be able to pre-order a la carte items off the menu for each of their guests; and under Bespoke Bundles, pre-set menus will be suggested to the user based on the amount of people attending. Users will have the option to pre-order their menu on their chosen event date with inclusion of all service tax, allowing GemSpot merchants who sign up to be a venue and/or merchant under the Celebration Packages to easily keep track of stock inventory, even when catering for larger parties.

Promote your seasonal offerings

At GemSpot, we support our merchants from every angle, including boosting your seasonal promotions with features in our monthly highlights and content marketing, as well as by collaborating on seasonal campaigns.

And with the Celebration Packages, we’ll help you push your seasonal offerings via group bookings, allowing your sets to reach more customers.

Sign up as a merchant today and join us for the exciting relaunch of GemSpot (beta) in 2022, with more features than ever including Celebration Packages, delivery, and more!

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