When to hire an event planner

Admit it – most of the parties you’ve thrown, you’ve tried to be planner, host and party-goer all at once. And the reason you didn’t want to hire an event planner? Most likely, you were trying to save on costs (which is totally understandable).

But there are some events where it’s absolutely worth it to hire a planner, or have someone else prep your party for you.

Here are a few examples of when you definitely should hire a planner!

Events where you don’t want to be stressed out

Trying to enjoy a party while you’re also hosting it, can end up very stressful. Guests are asking you for directions to the bathroom, how the music player works, or where to find things or put things down. You are trying to enjoy the festivities, and take pictures with loved ones, but you keep getting interrupted by the oven timer, or simply by having to continuously greet more guests arriving.

Some events, particularly when you are the centre of attention, are best left in the hands of a planner. So whether it is your wedding, or a milestone birthday bash with a huge guest list, go ahead and engage a planner who can make sure everything runs according to schedule, while you spend quality time with your loved ones on your big day (minus the stress!).

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Events that are a surprise

Anyone who’s ever had to plan a surprise would know that there’s a lot to juggle: you have to book venues and make food orders discreetly, which means making calls or sending texts or emails in private; you have to run errands like picking up balloon bouquets and cakes while making fake excuses for stepping out; you have to hide presents, and most of all, you need to make sure that neither you nor anyone from the guest list lets the cat out of the bag for the person you’re trying to surprise!

Especially in the case of someone you’re always with, for example your spouse, or someone you live with, planning a surprise would just be much easier if you just got the help of an event planner! It’s also a great way to further leak-proof the surprise, as instead of making many little phone calls and errands, you just need to tell your planner your vision and budget, and let them set up the surprise for you.

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This is especially perfect if you’re throwing someone a particularly memorable surprise party but you’re too busy to handle all the prep yourself. Think marriage proposal, or even surprise bachelor/bachelorette getaways!

Events that require skills (or time) you don’t have!

There are lots of thoughtful ideas or gestures you might have in mind for a special someone; filling a room with flowers or balloons, or a romantic candlelit dinner in a chic venue, or even at home. The only problem is, you have no flower arrangement or decorating skills, or you don’t know how to cook!

Instead of risking your thoughtful gesture from falling flat or only ending up half-impressive, best get the professionals to handle it.

If you need a delicious meal, make sure it’s cooked by an actual chef. Need your home or space decorated in a jiffy? Order the balloons and flowers to be delivered. And if you are unsure of your own decorating or culinary tastes – then hiring a planner with years of experience will guarantee that your event will impress your guests or special someone.

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