How to Order Delivery During Our Relaunch

GemSpot is coming back in 2022 with a bang – with premium services and new experiences galore for our users to enjoy! As we prepare for our relaunch with a new-and-improved, soon-to-be-launched app, our merchants and vendors are ready to take your orders!

In case you’ve missed ordering from the wide array of merchants we host on GemSpot, there is a way you can continue to place your orders before our beta app returns.

Here’s how:

1. Head over to our website


First, come over to our website mygemspot.com, and while you’re here, why not register a user account? With a user account, you’ll be able to place orders or use other features such as the Celebration Packages more seamlessly, and start enjoying member privileges and secure transactions.

Now back to ordering…

2. Create a new event

You may see that the main options on our website are the event planning options, with Plan a Party or Celebration Packages.

Proceed to create a new event, and go ahead and give your event a name.

3. Find the hidden delivery options here…

The event planning features allow you to plan your own party, including booking a venue, ordering food and even decorations.

But you don’t have to host a whole event to enjoy food and gifting delivery orders. Simply uncheck ‘venue’ from the event options, and continue with food and/or decorative items (such as flowers and balloons) for Delivery or even Self Pickup!

Select the cateogory(ies) you need (Food & Beverage and/or Decorations), and select Delivery or Pickup. Continue to browse through the options offered and select the food or decorative items you would like to order from our selection of merchants.

4. Enter your address and complete your order

For delivery orders, enter your address. Then complete your order by proceeding to payment.

And that’s it!

Rest assured, a direct button for food and gifting orders will be made available soon, along with the return of our app. But as we still want you to enjoy the goodies offered by our generous merchants, feel free to continue ordering in the meantime via the event planning feature.  

Ordering via our website will also continue to be an option, allowing more users without the app to enjoy ordering from GemSpot.

A big THANK YOU to all the loyal GemSpot users who have continued to use and support our platform! Feel free to explore the event planning options or even place orders delivery or self-collection, and keep a lookout for our all-new app that will be launching soon!

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