A Day for Our Planet: World Earth Day

First tabled at the 1969 UNESCO Conference in California, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honour the planet and promote peace. The first-ever Earth Day was held on 22nd April 1970, and with coordination by a global advisory committee at EarthDay.org, the efforts continue to protect the health and human life, livelihoods, as […]

Recognizing World Health Day 2022

Created by the World Health Organisation (WHO) itself, World Health Day aims to highlight the urgency of planetary and human health and how to foster societies focused on well-being. First celebrated in 1950 after being incepted at the First Health Assembly in 1948, the date of April 7th was chosen for World Health Day, as […]

What to Expect from Ramadhan 2022

As Malaysia transitions from pandemic to the endemic stage, April 2022 will be a month for big changes, with the borders for international travel opening on the 1st of the month, and the 3rd marking the first day of fasting. While many Malaysians look forward to the return of festivities, buka puasa sessions with friends […]

Why Menu Tasting is Important for Your Event

An important aspect of any event, is the menu. Any quality restaurant, hotel or catering service should offer a menu tasting opportunity to their clients before event day, especially in the case of personal events such as a wedding or large family reunion. Menu tasting is not just about whether or not you enjoy the […]