Make Your Next Event Pop with Balloons!

No matter the event, the presence of balloons signifies a happy occasion. Every milestone can only be made more festive with balloons as part of the decoration, including marriage proposals, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and even business openings.

The invention of balloons is widely credited to Professor Michael Faraday from Great Britain, who in 1824 made rubber balloons to use in his experiments with hydrogen. Since then, balloons have evolved in both material and function. Balloons today are available in practically any shape imaginable, from numbers and letters to spell out birthday or anniversary wishes, animal- or item-shaped, in latex or foil, stuffed with glitter or even other smaller balloons – the choices are literally endless.

Here are some ways you can use balloons for your next event or special occasion.

Balloon bouquets

While flowers are a thoughtful way to offer someone congratulatory wishes or express affection, balloons are the more underrated vessel for joyous and celebratory occasions. Plus, balloon bouquets require much less upkeep; no vase or water needed, you don’t risk triggering any allergies for your receiver, and balloons will likely last longer than cut flowers, prolonging the positive feeling from receiving the bouquet.

Photo by Alesia Talkachova from Pexels

And for those special surprises that involve filling a room with colourful items; balloons will much more easily fill a space than flowers would, making them cheaper than floral arrangements, while still providing that same surprise effect.

Balloon arches

Balloon arches are actually much more versatile than what most people may imagine.

  • Suitable for property opening – whether a shop, restaurant or business – to welcome new guests as they walk into the new lot
  • Makes for an amazing backdrop for occasions such as weddings and engagements. With so many colours of balloons to choose from, anyone can mix and match them to complement any theme
  • For personal, smaller and more private events like kids’ birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, balloons just add flavour where flavour lacks

Best of all, balloon arches don’t require helium, making them easier to fill and get fitted around an arch stand.

Balloon sculptures

With the right balloon artist, balloons can be anything you want them to be, and balloon sculptures can make for interesting centrepieces or focal points for an event.

Handheld balloon sculptures can take the shape of almost anything including animals, fruit or food items, and more, and make a great party attraction for kids. For more serious events, life-size sculptures can take the shape of a sporting team mascot, or form a large company logo for brand events.

And if you have a truly expert sculptor on hand, you might even be able to get an entire balloon outfit that’s fully wearable!

Balloon décor

Imagine entering a room filled with balloons, and your loved ones surprising you for your birthday, or perhaps being met by your significant other for a romantic anniversary evening – these are the occasions where the presence of balloons makes it all the more special.

Photo by Cup of Couple from Pexels

Whether you have a ceiling dotted with suspended balloons and strings hanging, the floor covered with balloons, balloons spelling out a message, or perhaps even have balloons illuminating your space with the presence of fairy lights, there are endless ways you can use balloons to create the specific ambience your event requires.

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