Baby Shower Trends for 2022

The tradition of throwing baby showers for expecting mothers has been long established in Western countries like USA and Canada, compared to Asia whereby we celebrate Full Moon or the first 100 Days of a baby’s life.

However, baby showers as a celebration of parenthood have been growing in popularity in Asia as well within the last decade. Some parents even choose to combine their baby showers with the other pregnancy-related event made popular by the Americans, the gender reveal.

Baby showers are believed to have started in the 1940s and continued gaining popularity into the 50s, as the post-war ‘baby boom’ era saw a spike in population as more and more people were starting families. The shower served as a way for mothers to obtain useful products and material good that loved ones would like to provide. Then, with commercialization of baby brands and further modernization into the 90s and 2000s, baby showers took on a life of their own, with games, decorating and even catering.

Recent evolutions of the baby shower have seen more and more creativity from party organisers, whether that mean professionals or family members of the mother-to-be. Previously, baby showers were also exclusively female only, where expecting mums would just get together with other female relatives and friends. These days, baby showers are often mixed-gender events, celebrating the couple’s journey into parenthood with friends and family including male and female attendees.  

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, and you look forward to that joyous gathering before the baby arrives, here is a look into some baby shower trends to consider this year!


For couples who would prefer a more adult-chic baby shower (compared to a cute, infant-related theme), the boho theme is perfect as it can include a nice dinner with other adult friends. The boho look and feel is also great for couples who would like a gender-neutral celebration of their baby’s arrival.

popular theme into 2022. Boho refers to ‘bohemian’, usually a style of fashion that refers to carefree layers and patterns, usually flowing materials and less structure, as well as colours that are often found in nature.

Event planners are reporting that boho baby showers were quite the hit in 2021, and will likely continue to be a popular theme into 2022. Boho refers to ‘bohemian’, usually a style of fashion that refers to carefree layers and patterns, usually flowing materials and less structure, as well as colours that are often found in nature.

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

For decorations and a colour palette, think earth tones, dried floral arrangements, and natural textures such as baskets, rattans and macrame. Bonus – with boho party ware, you’ll probably end up with some attractive items you can reuse as home décor!

Fairytale or Nursery Rhyme

This theme is perfect for parents-to-be who expect to have a family-friendly shower, for example with other toddlers such as children of friends present. Instead of regular party-ware, a nursery rhyme theme provides a more specific direction for the party décor and for games.

Children’s stories and songs are an effective way to evoke feelings of both childhood and parenthood. And with so much innocence in every tale or tune, fairytales and nursery rhyme bring with them lessons of comfort, happy endings, and are packed with reverie and symbology.

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For example, a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme could involve party games built around lights and the shape of a star. A more vintage Hansel & Gretel theme could include a candy house-shaped cake, along with a forest-like décor scheme, and not to mention would be rather perfect for a couple expecting boy and girl twins!

Baby announcement – with a twist!

Another baby shower trend that can be gender neutral while also leaving room for personalisation, is to build a theme around a creative announcement that a baby is coming soon!

Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

For example, a baby shower tea party with warm drinks and finger foods might be themed “Baby is Brewing”. A floral or nature-inspired shower might be called “Baby in Bloom”, with floral prints as a dress theme and fresh flowers for décor.

This trend also allows parents to represent their own interests or even professions in the theme. For expecting parents who both work in digital fields or IT for example – a “Baby is Loading” theme. For parents who are big foodies, a “Bun in the Oven” theme could serve baked goods, and include a food activity such as cupcake decorating as a party game.

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