Why Plan Your Next Party With Us

The funny thing about event planning: it’s usually the person planning it who enjoys it the least!

Hosting parties is not an easy job; not only is there a lot of prep involved whether cleaning your space beforehand, setting up decorations, and if cooking for friends chopping and pre-cooking ingredients, by the time your guests arrive, you are tired from all that planning, and then often too busy serving and entertaining to really have fun at your own party.

With GemSpot’s new event planning offers, the way you plan events is about to change for good. Here are a few reasons why you should be planning your next party with GemSpot.

Enjoy a zero-effort party setup

Instead of spending so much time and energy on setting up your event, wouldn’t it be nice to have your event ready at the time you arrive?

Accessible via website and the soon to be relaunched app, GemSpot’s offers for ‘Plan a Party’ and ‘Celebration Packages’ cover all the most important aspects of event planning, from venues that come with their own entertainment, menu options, as well as decoration.

So whether you’re throwing a party for yourself or for someone else, while someone else handles the rest, all you would need to do is to get dressed up and show up!

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Customised or full-service

There are essentially two kinds of party planners: those who are hands-on and want to personally select every detail of their event, and those who prefer recommended solutions and full service.

For those who enjoy customising their event to their own specifications, perhaps tailoring the décor to a special occasion (such as birthday or proposal), or preferring to order different dishes according to the preference and dietary requirements of their guests, the ‘Plan a Party’ option is the one to go for.

For those who prefer to save themselves from the trouble of having to decide on every little option, a curated ‘Celebration Package’ comes complete with venue, menu and décor as a full-service event plan.

Exciting merchants all around the Klang Valley

GemSpot has always been a champion for Malaysian businesses, supporting homegrown F&B outlets, and local brands and establishments.

And now, GemSpot is tapping into that impressive merchant list to create party planning options you will not find elsewhere.

Whether laid back with just a meal and private service, or a total experience at event spaces that come equipped with entertainment such as beer pong tables and karaoke, there is something for everyone and every kind of party host or attendee.

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Elevate your celebrations

When planning events ourselves, it’s easy to skimp on aspects such as decorations or menu items. Couldn’t find the specialty balloons you intended? – decoration plans go bust. Unavailable ingredients at the supermarket? – menu has to be simplified, or minimised.

With GemSpot’s event planning options, your party will have all the trimmings of a professionally set up event.

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From ambience to portion sizes, level up your event and make it all the more memorable – the kind of event that you and your guests will look back on and remember how much fun they had!

Browse offers from a diverse list of venues and merchants based in the Klang Valley, and look forward to even more names to join that list very soon.

Checkout the event planning offers that are soon-to-be available on the new and improved GemSpot 2.0, which will be accessible via both website and app! Check back soon to see the new look and upgraded services.

In the meantime, the team at GemSpot wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year and a wonderful year ahead.

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