A Guide: How to Plan a Party with GemSpot

As a tech company bringing real-life conveniences to users, GemSpot is proud to introduce its brand new service: event planning.

Imagine this: an event planning service that’s as simple as online shopping; you simply select your items such as venue and menu, and check out your transaction.

Want to know more? Here’s how you can plan your next event directly on GemSpot’s website or app:

Step 1: Select ‘Plan a Party’ or ‘Celebration Package’

From the Homepage, choose either selection with your profile logged in.

Under ‘Plan a Party’, you’ll be able to customise your event by specifying what kind of decoration and menu items you would like.

Under ‘Celebration Package’ on the other hand, let us do the work for you as we put together curated party sets based on your requirements.

Step 2: Enter event details

Key in your basic event details such as date, time, and number of pax attending. You can even add a name for your event.

For ‘Plan a Party’, you will see three boxes for

  • Venue
  • Food & Beverage, and
  • Decoration.

Be sure to check which items you will be adding to your order.

Step 3: Choose a venue

Among the selection of venues near you, choose one that matches your needs in terms of size, budget, and distance.

Under every venue, you will see the various facilities such as entertainment options available at each location, parking, wheelchair access, and more.

You will also see a category filter on the left menu; click on the drop-down arrow to further specify your preferences.

Once you’ve selected a location, select from the various event spaces or private rooms available for your party, and select the one according to your preference and budget.

Step 4: Select a menu

The next page will display the menu for meals available at your chosen location. The top bar will show the various categories (such as types of cuisine/dishes) that your venue offers.

You can order multiples of the same dish, or even different meals for your various attendees.

Step 5: Decoration

You also have the option to have your event set up with decoration.

And you won’t need to blow up any balloons yourself! Simply show up at your party time, and rest assured that it will all be set up for you before you arrive.

Perfect for surprise occasions!

Step 6 (final): Check out

Before completing your transaction, you will have a final page where you can review your entire order.

After checking all the details are correct, simply proceed to payment to secure your event.

Event planning has never been this easy, and with GemSpot, you’ll never plan a party the same way again!

The event planning options will soon be available on the new and improved GemSpot 2.0, which will be accessible via both website and app! Check back soon to see the new look and upgraded services.

In the meantime, the team at GemSpot wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year and a wonderful year ahead.

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