Why pay delivery fees

Are you one of those people who goes on your delivery app to place an order, but then hesitates or feels put off to complete your order when you see ‘delivery fees’?

While it may seem like a burden, delivery fees are really a necessary cost, not an extra cost.

Delivery services have truly evolved to be an industry of its own, rather than a service supporting larger industries. In pandemic times especially, delivery services have become essential in our lifestyle.

So for the next time you hesitate to place an order because of delivery cost, here are some friendly reminders you should consider as to why you should be paying delivery cost.

It saves you the trouble

Living in this modern-day and age, we are truly lucky to have such convenient services at our fingertips. Imagine if you were craving a specific meal from a specific restaurant that you could order from, but it required you to collect the order in person. It would involve getting into your car, driving there, looking for a parking space, making the collection, driving home, parking again, and then finally re-entering your home before you could even serve yourself.

Instead, almost any kind of cuisine or meal you might want delivered, you can order with just a few taps on your smartphone, and not to mention other services such as flowers and gift delivery. And all you even have to do is walk to your front door or apartment building lobby to meet your rider and collect your order, with hardly even an interruption to your day.

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So the next time you see a delivery fee on your order, think not of the burden of the cost, but the time you’re conserving and the inconvenience you’re saving yourself from.

It actually helps keeps costs down

In many countries and across many platforms, prices you see on delivery apps are often higher than the actual prices of meals that you might see if you walked into a restaurant and looked at the menu yourself.

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Many consumers don’t consider that while delivery platforms could choose to absorb the cost of paying riders themselves, that would require further marking up prices on the app to cover those transport and delivery charges.

Consider that actually seeing delivery fees as a separate fee on your order, is actually a good thing as the platform is offering transparency, while your favourite restaurants can charge you actual menu prices (or as close to it as possible). And even better, for delivery charges adjusted to distance, you know you’re getting the lowest price deal.

Delivery riders are essential workers

In the era of Covid-19, many of us spent prolonged periods safely sheltering in place, while delivery riders have simply not stopped working. By providing service and convenience to others, delivery riders have put others ahead of themselves, constantly managing their own health risks while exposing themselves to members of the public.

Furthermore, riders face all sorts of challenges in their profession, such as vehicle maintenance, facing the elements whether streaking hot afternoons or heavy rain, and the occasional unpleasant kitchen staff handing them orders, in addition to possibly unappreciative customers. And riders put up with such job hazards all so that we, the customers, can have our favourite meals, groceries and gifts delivered right to our homes.

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And so the next time you see a mere few Ringgit charged as your delivery fee, think of your delivery rider, who not only deserves a fair wage, but also a much-deserved kind word of thanks (and when you can spare it, perhaps even a little tip!).

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