Feed the flu

As the saying goes: “Starve a fever, feed a cold”. The belief is that when feeling flu-ish, one ought to self-medicate by consuming lots of food and if it’s just a fever, eat in small quantities. This adage has been around for so long that it has actually been traced back to a 1574 dictionary.

However, if you’re feeling at all under the weather, it’s best to avoid food high in fat, oil and sugar; and if you’re having a stomachache, stay away from spicy food for a while. Whenever bogged down by an illness, opt for freshly prepared meals with all the necessary food groups, including protein, fibre and carbohydrates.

Wholesome ingredients can provide you with the vitamins and minerals you need to recovery smoothly.

Noodle soup

Tomato noodle soup minced slice pork meatball. Hog Kitchen by HK Porky Noodle Soup
Fish Noodle, Menu Script

Soup broth made from animal protein is actually a rich source of nutrients and minerals, including protein, iron and fatty acids that help your body repair from the inside out, such as by calming inflammation and balancing out body temperature.

Add on some meat, and some hearty carbohydrates like noodles, you find a perfect ailment-fighting meal that pumps you up with nutrients, keeps you filling full, and for the good boys and girls who drink up the entire bowl of soup once the noodles are all eaten, you even get bonus marks on your hydration quota for the day.

Hot honey lemon

Hot honey lemon, Union Artisan Coffee

Speaking of hydration, this magic elixir is perhaps the best ‘flu’ drink option that’s sweet and yummy while also soothing to your flu symptoms. You get a boost of vitamin C from the lemon juice and slices in your drink, while honey with its antibacterial properties will soothe your sore throat while providing your drink with a welcome sweetener.


Pan-seared Norwegian salmon, Lavo | Siakap steam limau, Rasa Wau

As one of the healthiest sources of protein, fish contains omega-3 that is crucial for fighting inflammation, whether down with a flu or suffering an injury, thanks to its high content of fatty acids.

Fish such as salmon and barramundi (AKA siakap) are high in DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, and not only pack a punch nutrient wise but are also delicious!

Whether ordering the pan-seared Norwegian salmon or the barramundi steamed with lime, pairing your fish with some hearty carbohydrates like potatoes or rice will help you fight off illness and feel good as new.

Chicken rice

Braised chicken rice, Union Artisan Coffee

You can always rely on white meat to provide you with some healthy protein, and rice provides both comfort and substance in a meal.

This braised chicken rice comes complete with boneless chicken cubes, fragrant rice, sauteed siew pak choy, charred carrot, and an onsen egg. And for those days where you’re over the sore throat phase of your flu and your taste buds need a little jolt, the spicy peanut sauce will be sure to lift your spirits.

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