Famished for a sandwich!

Whether to be eaten as an after-school lunch, at picnics, pot-lucks, or even when ordering room service, sandwiches are one of the few food that are reliable (as it can be found on almost any menu), substantial, and delicious!

Did you know that the word ‘sandwich’ is actually named after a person and a place? Yes it’s true. The world’s favourite meal-snack is actually named after its inventor, a British statesman from the 1700’s known as Lord John Montagu, who was also the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

The story goes that he would ask his servants to bring him slices of meat between two slices of bread, and his gambling buddies who would be at his home would also order one by saying “The same as Sandwich!” – thus, naming the food item that has since become one of the most iconic food items the world has ever known!
American newspaper The Wall Street Journal once declared the sandwich as Britain’s biggest contribution to gastronomy.

Fast forward some 250 years after the death of Lord Montagu, the sandwich is ever present in every continent of the world and an anchor for so many other food industries – from bread production to global fast food chains.

Schnitzel Sandwich

PC Studio Café

Alert: vegetarian-friendly sandwich, we repeat – vegetarian friendly!

If you’re the kind of person who loves when your sandwich can hardly fit in your mouth when you try to bite into it top to bottom, then this is the sandwich for you.

Stuffed with a double meatless schnitzel (breaded fried meat or protein) and pickled radish, this sandwich is packed with flavour from its seasonings that include teriyaki sauce and a house special wasabi mayo, and in case you were really hungry, is served with a side of French fries.

Cheese, Egg & Ham


Move over BLT, this C.E.H. is taking over with some new letters to be the next buzzed about sandwich in town!

Enveloped by a generously thick sandwich bread, the starts of the dish cheese, egg and ham are dressed with salad leaves.

And as you know you can trust a place that specialises in breakfast and brunch food, remember to order your eggs just how you like them, as firm or as runny as you prefer!

Pulled Beef Sandwich

Simply Ribs

While steak meat is for eating on its own, ground meat is perfect to make burger patties, pulled beef is the one you want for sandwiches.

Slow-cooked in a barbecue broth, the beef is stuffed in a tender focaccia bun with some sweet relish, and is made even better by being served in a pool of mouth-watering cheddar sauce, to form a meat-lover’s sandwich of your dreams.

PS: Don’t worry, there are absolutely fries with that.

Tuna Mayo Croissan-wich

Beans Depot

Your choice of sandwich bread is just as important as your fillings, and a croissant makes for an excellent bread option with all its delicious buttery goodness!

Stuffed with a tuna mayo mix just like mum used to make at home, as well as some slices of cucumber and tomatoes with crinkle-cut fries on the side, this sandwich will bring you comfort while being the light meal that you needed.

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