Why delivery can’t replace dine-in

Ever had an instance when you were craving a specific dish, and in haste you ordered it to be delivered to you, only to be disappointed at the quality of the food when you received it?

The truth is, no matter how good the quality of ingredients or how fresh it was made, some foods are just not made for delivery! On top of that, and through no fault of our delivery riders, the Malaysian weather doesn’t make for delivery-optimal temperatures when transporting foods.

To help you avoid future disappointment, here are a few foods you should probably avoid ordering for delivery:

Burgers (already assembled)

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

For a burger to be perfect, the buns ought to be soft, while the patty ought to be moist. By trapping a warm patty direct from the grill into a takeaway box, the juices from the meat as well moisture from any other toppings like salad leaves are only going to result in a wet, mushy bun by the time the burger is delivered.

Salads (already assembled)

Even if salad leaves are properly dried in a spinner, salads in a takeaway bowl somehow always end up with a little pool of diluted dressing at the bottom. Not to mention, by coating the salad in toppings and dressing, you might end up with wilted-looking leaves that are weighted down by the moisture in the container.

Soupy noodles

While you might think you want your noodles to be properly soaked in the flavoured broth that you ordered them with, leaving them in a soup for too long may result in overcooked noodles that break apart too easily, are too soft or gooey, or depending on the kind of noodle, maybe even too gummy.

Breaded fried foods

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

Unlike crispy skin fried foods (such as fried chicken), anything that is coated in a flour breading and deep-fried is likely not going to resemble its just-fried state by the time it gets to the person who ordered it. By letting fried foods steam against the walls of a takeaway container, expect oil spurts and humidity that will break down the breading and likely even separate it from the food it is coating.

The next time you’ve got a hankering for a specific meal, consider fulfilling your craving by ordering it at your favourite restaurant on a day when you can dine in person! That way, with your dish fresh out of the kitchen and immediately served to you, you’ll get exactly what you were expecting.

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Step 2:
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Step 2a:

You can also use the ‘Category’ dropdown menu to see types of cuisines or food and drink options, or ‘Location’ to narrow down an area within the Klang Valley where you’d like to dine.

Or use the search bar at the top of the page to insert your own keywords such as name of restaurant, or preferred meal (sushi, steak, etc).

Step 3:
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By tapping ‘Call Us’, you will be automatically directed to the restaurant where you would be able to make a booking with the restaurant staff, or ask any further questions.

Remember to mention any relevant information such as if anyone in your party has food allergies, or if you’re celebrating a birthday.

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