The Subang Jaya Special

When meeting anyone from Subang Jaya – they’ll be sure to tell you exactly where they hail from with pride! As one of the coolest sub-cities in the Klang Valley, Subang Jaya has its own culture, with a mix of a hipster suburban lifestyle, while also home to a bustling nightlife with lots of hotspots for students who attend the various universities in or near the city, to of course, amazing eateries with the most delicious and at times even innovative meal offerings.

Whether you’re located in or near Subang and want to support your local eateries (and benefit from the short delivery time), or perhaps you live a little further away but would like to order one of the legendary dishes you’ve been hearing about from a Subang-based eatery, GemSpot is here to help you satisfy your craving!

Among the many restaurants on our app that can deliver to anywhere in the Klang Valley, here’s a little taste of what Subang Jaya-pride has to offer!

Cauli & Rice / M Fried Chicken / Aunty Sam’s Satay

Cauli & Rice | M Friend Chicken | Aunty Sam’s Satay

If you happen to be a fan of any of these eateries, you’ll be happy to know that the same team is working behind these innovative foodie outlets.

If you’re craving a low-carb fried rice, Cauli & Rice offers a number of ‘caulirice’ specials alongside regular rice dishes in common Malaysian and Southeast Asian flavours such as belacan, tom yum, and curry caulirice and white rice.

M Fried Chicken and Aunty Sam’s Satay both offer the perfect snack foods such as

chicken drummettes / wings in varying flavours (signature lemongrass, soy garlic, spicy red pepper and santan peanut), and
juicy chicken satay skewers also in varying flavours (original, BBQ lemongrass or spicy)
that are conveniently offered in bundles for groups.

Check out our video with the founder and team behind these restaurant brands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGbQMxyfVmA


Donald Duck’s All Day Breakfast

If you’re a morning person and you love breakfast and brunch – then this restaurant is a dream come true! Serving healthy, freshly made breakfast meals, this is the kind of place you’d want to start your day at.

Any breakfast you could think of, they have it – from all-day options like a  full fry-up including eggs, hashbrowns and sausages, to healthier choices such as a granola bowl or overnight oats, to mid-sized options like sandwiches and wraps, this place, like the name suggests, is breakfast heaven!

Marutama Ramen

Char siu tamago ramen | Tan men kakuni ramen

Promising to serve their quality ramen cooked in a think and delicious soup that takes hours to cook and promises a signature ‘umami’ flavour, this is not your average ramen shop.

With handmade noodles, a hearty broth and various toppings including chicken, pork, egg and various vegetables, expect a nutritious bowl of tummy-warming ramen made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

Annam’s banana leaf

Tandoori chicken briyani

Yes, you read that right – you can now get banana leaf dishes delivered to you at home!

Besides choosing from one of the seat meals that come with a meat gravy dish and rice, or a briyani set that comes with all the side dishes like papadam and raita, you can also order a la carte and order all your banana leaf favourites whether main courses such as curries, roti (tosai, chappati, and more) and side dishes including snacks like pakora, vadai and samosas.

There are of course a number of vegetarian dishes, and don’t forget a teh tarik or a bru coffee to wash it all down.

Check for the promo code GEM20 to enjoy 20% off with selected restaurants! Conditions such as only applicable on weekdays and for orders placed within a certain time may apply.

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