Got burgers – we burgem-bira!

In the list of favourite comfort foods, we dare to bet that burgers come in the top three for most people – anytime!

An elevated sandwich of sort that brings together all the most desirous elements you’d want in a meal! The buns act as the carbohydrates and to soak up the juices of the meat patty; cushioned between some leafy greens of slaw and finished off with condiment of choice. The burger is … balanced? Sort of. Healthy? Depends. Delicious? Absolutely!

Unlike other meals where you must mindfully pile the different food groups from your plate onto your fork, burgers promise all in every bite as you chomp through from top to bottom bun.

Another reason burgers are so popular is the fact that burger patties are made from ground up protein themselves, making them tender and juicy.


Mushroom Swiss Burger from Simply Ribs

When most people think ‘burger’, it is most likely the beef kind.

Perfect for heavier flavourings such as barbecue sauce and spice rubs, a perfect juicy beef patty, whether you have it rare or well done, is the OG of the burger world.

This Mushroom Swiss Burger from Simply Ribs is a perfect example of how beef is perhaps the only meat that can stand up to an array of savoury ingredients including mushrooms, Swiss cheese and relish.


Spicy Chicken Burger from District 13

If you’re trying to lessen the amount of red meat you consume for health or environmental reasons, chicken will be the white meat version and the next best thing for that burger bite you’re craving.

Little chef’s tip: meat from a de-boned chicken thigh is likely to be less dry than chicken breast, and you may get a juicier patty if using thigh meat for a burger.

Probably why District 13 café in Aman Suria, PJ has chosen to make their spicy chicken burger with a fried chicken thigh, and then dress it up in a black charcoal bun and layer it with cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato, for a chicken burger that kicks!


Pork burger from Zen & Co

Like beef, pork patties should be lightly charred on the outside while still being moist and juicy in the centre, with the advantage of being a less-dry meat option.

If you like Hawaiian pizza, then you’ll love this pork burger from Zen & Co. Topped with the usual cheese and salad, this burger features a char-grilled pineapple ring as one of its burger toppings!


Finding Dory 2.0 burger from Union Artisan Coffee

Pescatarian or not, anyone who’s ever tried a fish burger would know that it is a formidable competitor to the other-meat burgers, in terms of nutritional content for being a healthier patty, and in a public appeal for being inclusive and providing an option to usual burger meats.

However, the best fish patties in a burger are breadcrumbed and fried, as per this menu item at Union Artisan Coffee. Breaded with panko that offers a crispy texture, this burger is served in a brioche bun with a side of fries and the sauce that goes with every fish dish, tartar.

Vegetarians / Vegans, remember to check our app for veggie burgers and other plant-based offerings of your favourite foods too!

Is it burger time? Trick question. It’s always burger time!
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