Celebrating Pink-tober!

Every year, October is celebrated worldwide as breast cancer awareness month. Dating back all the way to 1985, this important month shines a spotlight on the strength and survival of breast cancer patients all over the world, and discusses the difficult topic of cancer, particularly metastatic breast cancer.

Symbolised by the famous pink ribbon, campaigns are held all over the world by various companies, organisations and charities to raise awareness all throughout the month of ‘Pinktober’.

Inspired by the amazing work done by campaigners all over the world, the team at GemSpot would like to fill your world (and your stomachs) with pink! Browse over to our app and see the array of pink offerings we have.

Ice-cream cake

Pink Lady, Soyoung | Strawberry ice cream cake, Kindori Moments

Combining everyone’s favourite two desserts, these pink ice cream cakes will be the talk of your next party! The 5inch cake from Kindori Moments offers a strawberry yogurt ice cream, appropriately topped with a pink ribbon! Or try the layered Pink Lady from SoYoung Malaysia, which offers strawberry gelato between stacks of red koji chiffon cake.

Rosé wine

Domaine de la Chevalier | Chateau Roubine Cotes de Provence
Lavo Wine

Known for its signature pinkish hue, rosé wine gets its name from the French word ‘rose’ meaning pink. Fermented from the same grapes used to make red wine but with minimal skin contact, the ‘light red’ wine is known for its crispy and fruity tasting notes.

Pink bouquets

Pink BB, Tailored Floral | Fairy pink bouquet, Bull & Rabbit

Pink flowers, with their sweet and soft shades, make for versatile blooms to gift a loved one. Pink flowers are often associated to gentleness, appreciation, and joy, and are often the perfect colour of flower to gift a female member of your family; and for when they are given as a romantic gesture, symbolises innocent, young love, in early stages of courtship.

Pink drinks

EPSA Pink Lemonade Sparkling Juice, Fruit.co | Fresh Strawberry Cheese Tea, Instea

Made with lemon juice, sweet pink grapefruit, oranges and raspberry puree, this Greek brand of carbonated pink lemonade will have your thirst quenched in the most refreshing way.

Looking for something a little, juicier? This decadent Fresh Strawberry Cheese Tea (with option of heavy or light cheese) is a dessert in a glass with a delicious drink blend and foamy top.

Pink balloons

Pinky bundle balloons, Party Universe | Set A Pink 1, Petal Blooms

Helium balloons are not only great for decorating a space, but also for having in hand when showing up for a surprise! These pink balloon bouquets are sweet and cute, perfect for a girl’s birthday party, baby shower, bachelorette party, bridal shower, or even for special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Do you see life through a rosy-pink coloured filter? Order any of the pink items above on GemSpot this October and enjoy absolutely FREE delivery, with no minimum spend for distances of up to 25km! Don’t forget, for a limited time only, apply promo code “GEM20” and get up to 20% off when you make your purchase between 10 am – 5 pm on weekdays.

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