Pandemic habits we’d like to keep

The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely turned our lives upside down in the past 1.5 years. And while there has been loss, a global economic crisis and massive change, there were many lessons for us to learn.

From refocusing the importance of spending time with family and loved ones, to figuring out how to work from home efficiently, there are lessons from the pandemic and lockdowns that are worth learning and relearning over and over.

And while we may be grateful to move on to future stages of the pandemic with rising vaccination rates and the economy reopening slowly but surely, there are practices worth holding on to even post-pandemic.

So before you take your fully-vaccinated self out for drinks and to meet up with friends as you try to put the pandemic behind you, here are a few pandemic habits you might want to consider holding on to.

Working from home more efficiently

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

From learning how to set up Zoom backgrounds to improving your home workspace, we have all definitely upped our WFH (work-from-home) game! It turns out flexibility to work remotely was something many people were eager to experience, and many companies and workplaces have even declared that they would maintain WFH or hybrid options for employees post-pandemic, even if just a few days a week.

Whether investing in more ergonomic workspace furniture or adjusting the lighting in your room for video meetings, let this pandemic be a reminder that we can always improve our work environment from time to time, which allows us to work more comfortably and therefore more productively, and that we ought to always make a good impression even if just virtually.

Learning new recipes

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

The first lockdown that happened in many countries within the first quarter of 2020 brought with it a cooking and baking explosion where people finally had time to try those recipes they’ve always wanted to make, and wanted comfort food while living through lockdowns.

Kneading raw bread dough, learning to balance cake batter, and whipping up dishes from scratch are culinary skills worth learning and having, and many people undoubtedly enjoyed the process of trying new recipes and delighting their families with new tastes and flavour combinations.

Instead of giving up your new hobby as you get busy again with work and a pre-pandemic regular schedule, try to stick to expanding your recipe repertoire by setting the objective of learning a new recipe every weekend, or even if just once a month. Besides having fun in the kitchen, you’ll make your household happy!

Continuing to learn online

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

While in-person learning is often favoured and for certain subjects still considered more effective, there’s no denying that while there was already growing content for online learning such as YouTube tutorials, the pandemic sparked a burst of virtual learning material.

These days, there’s practically nothing you can’t learn online; language lessons, dance classes, even cooking classes, there are numerous free platforms as well as paid platforms that offer a free trial period that you can learn from for just about anything you’ve always wanted to learn. Best of all, you can enjoy pre-recorded and even live classes from teachers and instructors all over the world!

Introducing yourself to new hobbies

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The lockdowns gave us many hours in our day to fill, and the internet in its diversified glory introduces us to interesting new hobbies that we might not have ever thought of before.

Whether you became a crazy plant parent and started gardening in your home mini-jungle, or you decided to make art or jewelry to be sold or even gifted to others, it is never too late to consider new interests and hobbies, while boosting your mental and emotional health by having passion projects alongside your daily to-dos.

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