Why you should order food at work

Compared to the weekends, workdays are often packed with activities for the urban professional. Between trotting around to various meetings in and out of the office, to actually also carving time out to sit at one’s desk and catch up with work, to finding time for personal activities like fitting in a few lunchtime or after-work training sessions at the gym, meals can sometimes be an afterthought, and weekday lunches can seem like just another weekly task we whizz through.

Having freshly prepared meals delivered to us without even having to set foot out of our office buildings is a busy-lifestyle convenience we can no longer do without!

And if you needed more reasons to get your weekday meal or snack fix from GemSpot, read on below!

Variety: You can eat healthy (or stress eat!)

Only a few years ago, food delivery options were limited to phone order pizza and fast food. Now, with app-based platforms like GemSpot, you can order almost anything at all that you’re craving. If you’re trying to eat healthy during the week, get a salad, or go vegan. If you’re ordering to share with your teammates over a brainstorming session, from chicken wings to French fries and potato skins, snack food always provides comfort in times of stress. Maybe an office potluck is coming up, and you didn’t have time to make something yourself – just a few screen taps and your contribution to the pot is delivered straight to your workplace. A colleague’s birthday? Order them a cake for an office celebration, or even cupcakes to share.

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Sharing meals with colleagues creates a positive work environment

It is important to foster work relationships for team building and cohesiveness, which will ultimately create a more unified workplace with employees who believe in the company’s vision.

Human beings by nature love to bond over food, and by sharing meals together, colleagues can take a break from conversations about work and enjoy each other’s company in an informal setting. Whether it’s a brainstorming that got extended from the meeting room to the office pantry, or deciding to have a team breakfast or lunch together every week for catchups, food is a great motivator to get people to show up for work.

And besides lunchtime gatherings, an after-work gathering every once in a while can also boost team morale. By ordering drinks such as a round of beer for your teammates, or even a bottle of champagne to celebrate a recent success, opportunities to let your hair down with colleagues will allow you to see another side of them and appreciate them more.

Create conversation

Food in general is a conversation starter. By ordering food together, you may discover new eateries and new dishes from seeing what other people order.

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In other situations, food even gives us the chance to learn from each other; such as by seeing healthier options that your teammate ordered, you may be inspired to start choosing lighter meals for yourself.

Time saver

There are those weeks where as much as you’d like to prepare your own meals, you just don’t have time to cook or do meal prep. There are days where you have lunch at your desk before jetting off for meetings, and seem to be booked for dinner every night of the week. And there are those busy periods where you may not even have time for groceries and hardly see the inside of your fridge.

In those hectic phases, meal delivery is the Godsend of a solution! Besides having a wide variety of merchants from healthy to decadent, and for all levels of budget, ordering single meals on GemSpot while you get through your busy days will alleviate the stress of deciding what to eat while enjoying the convenience of having your food come to you.

For the busy working individual, GemSpot has got your back! Enjoy 20% OFF on weekday orders, and make a group order with your colleagues and enjoy FREE DELIVERY (for orders up to 25km distance) with a minimum spend of RM80. Alternatively, you can also get RM6 OFF your delivery fee (min spend RM30).

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