Warm Up with these Hot Drinks

Cold and iced beverages are somehow associated to fun gatherings; for example when you do something outdoors like play an outdoor sport or have a barbecue, or for when you have people over for dinner and you have cocktails with appetisers.

Hot drinks on the other hand, evoke different emotions. From feelings of comfort (that morning coffee that acts like a supportive hug to start your day), to feeling looked after or cared for (those days where your mum or loved one brewed you up a nice warm beverage when you needed a pick-me-up), to reminding you of cosy days in (sipping on a mug while snuggling for warmth under a blanket as it rained outside), hot drinks are one of the few pleasures in life that always lifts you up.

And whether you want the convenience of having your daily dose of caffeine delivered to you, or you’re simply craving a special cup of something to comfort and cheer you up, you can get your favourite (or even new-favourite) hot drink any time via GemSpot.

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte, Food Bay

Known for its distinctive green hue, matcha is the finely ground powder of green tea leaves, and is believed to have originated all the way back from Tang Dynasty China.

With high contents of catechin, a green tea compound that is said to contain cancer-fighting properties, matcha is known to offer a number of wellness-boosting benefits such as improved attention and memory.

And while matcha is now widely used in a number of foods such as cakes and ice cream, a matcha latte with milk (or dairy substitute of choice) is just the perfect velvety hot drink that will warm you up from the inside out.

Hot Honey Lemon

Hot Honey Lemon, Tossed! Cafe
(Photo by Anna Pou from Pexels)

That perfect drink trusted by Asians to make you feel better for when you’re feeling under the weather, and to make you feel even better for the days you feel well. As a citrus fruit, lemon is right up there with oranges as an immune booster as it packs a punch in vitamin C, and helps fight infections.

Honey then doubles the immune-boosting quality of the drink, as it helps with a number of bodily issues including helping to soothe sore throats, and aid your digestive system.

Rosen Macchiato

Rosen Macchiato, Piccolo Cravings

Ever wonder how to tell your espresso-based hot drinks apart?

Lattes are espresso with steamed milk and topped off with foamed milk;
Cappuccinos are espresso with equal parts steamed and foamed milk; while
Macchiatos are espresso with just a splash of steamed or foamed milk.

And while depending on the pour of your barista, no two cups of coffee are ever the same, macchiatos are known to offer a stronger coffee flavour as they are less watered down.

And if you’re looking for a unique coffee offering, this Rosen Macchiato is offering a fragrant experience that you won’t find just anywhere.

Mint Tea

Mint Tea, Rush Roastery

While teas are usually made from the leaves of tea shrubs, tisanes are made with the herb instead of the leaves.

Besides that signature refreshing flavour, having mint tea regularly might just even improve your wellness as it promises various benefits including fresher breath, improved sleep, and relief from headaches and menstrual cramps.
A popular ingredient in detox teas, this particular cup of tea from Rush Roastery does not contain any caffeine.

Looking for that pick-me-up warm beverage to give you the fuzzies?
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As you browse through the colourful selection of hot drinks available on our app, our rider will be at your door with your drink still warm from the milk steamer!

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