Meals for your munchkins

Ever notice that whenever a child is not a picky eater, they always get showered with compliments? That’s because anyone who has kids or is around young children very often would know that kids are not always easy to feed! From not liking the taste of vegetables, to finding the right temperature between not too hot and not too cold, to portion sizes not being too big or too small, there’s a lot to consider when trying to feed toddlers and children.

And while it’s important to make sure kids get a balanced diet most meals and most days of the week, sometimes it’s worth it just letting them have exactly what they want! As a love of food is developed throughout their lifetime, a few fun snacks and easy-to-enjoy meals in between their regular diet helps them get excited for when mealtime is a treat, and allows them to feel occasionally rewarded.

For those days where your kids deserve a meal of their own choice (and you wouldn’t mind getting a break from having to prepare every meal for your household), GemSpot has a delicious selection of kid-friendly meals that are sure to whip up your kids’ appetites. So delicious in fact, mum and dad might just want a few bites for themselves!

Mac & Cheese

OG Mac & Cheese, Mac’d Cheesy | Mac & Cheese, Union Artisan Coffee

A favourite among kids, and those still young at heart! A comfort food, a main dish, a recipe with a cult following, what’s not to love about pasta that’s drenched in a cheesy sauce? Also, if ever there was a dish parents would want to sneak small pieces of veggies into, mac & cheese is the perfect choice to camouflage those healthy toppings!

And while there are many versions of a creamy and cheesy pasta dish, macaroni & cheese reigns supreme in the category of ‘foods that make you feel like a kid again’.

Chicken Nuggets

Crispy Chicken Nuggets (6-pieces), SoYoung | Chicken Nuggets (16-piece), Bliss 33 Cafe

Most definitely the most fun way to serve chicken, the best nuggets are bite-sized, crispy, and when they’re done just right, still tender and moist on the inside!

And as per any serious nugget eater would tell you: don’t forget the dipping sauces!

Whimsical Cake

Unicorn Cake (pre-ordering required)
Junandus | Jaclyne Cakes

Is your child’s birthday coming soon? The best thing about 3D art cakes is they make kids excited about the cake cutting, and the other adults in the room are also equally impressed! Among the many whimsical and creative cakes you could get for your son, daughter, niece, or nephew, a unicorn cake would make an exciting centrepiece for any toddler or young child’s party.

Popcorn Chicken

Chicken Popcorn, District 13 | Mala Popcorn Chicken Bites, PC Studio Cafe

Sticking with the no-fail concept of bite-sized chicken snacks, popcorn chicken is another fun way to enjoy fried chicken without the bone and all the breading! Originally developed by a fast-food chain, the concept of popcorn chicken then spread to other eateries worldwide. And if you happen to have a kid who happens to have a palate for heat (or maybe you just want to order the spicy version for yourself), try the Mala Popcorn Chicken featuring phuture plant-based meat!

Cut Fruit

Cut mango | Cut watermelon

It’s very important that growing children consume fruits and vegetables daily, as they not only offer fibre but also nutrients and hydration. In addition, fruits are sweet and can double as a dessert, or accompany a dessert.

No time to buy, peel and cut fruit for serving? You can now get entire portions of fruit already cut and ready to be eaten via Fruit.co on GemSpot.

Ready to take a break from cooking and order some convenient meal delivery right to your doorstep?

Making it more affordable to order for your whole family, enjoy RM6 OFF your delivery fee (with a minimum spend of RM30) all throughout the month of August!

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