Spudtastic Potatoes!

How many types of potato can you name?

There’s of course the world-famous russet potato from Idaho, USA; the almost-as-famous Canadian Yukon gold; and the hipster favourite sweet potato, that originated in South America before it was then grown in Polynesia and subsequently spread worldwide thanks to western exploration.

However, there’s actually up to 5,000 varieties of potatoes (200 in the USA alone) worldwide, and even the most ardent potato enthusiast may have only just scratched the surface when it comes to tasting the different potato varieties available on a global scale, depending on which continent you live in or how well you’ve traveled.

Potatoes are considered complex carbohydrates, making them healthier (with higher nutrient and fibre content) than simple carbohydrates.

However, not all potatoes are created equal: any home cook who has brought home different kinds of potatoes from the market or supermarket may have noticed that some potatoes are more starchy, some are more flavourful, some variety may offer more nutrients, and so on. And depending on the variety, different potatoes are more suited for specific cooking processes such as frying, mashing, baking, spiraling, or even for incorporating into desserts.

In recognition of National French Fries Day celebrated every year on July 13th, here’s to celebrating this delicious and versatile spud, with some cool potato orders you can order for delivery via GemSpot!

M Fried Chicken (Sri Hartamas / Subang Jaya / Damansara Utama)

Orangy Sweet Potato Fries & Salted Straight Cut Fries

Is there anyone in this world who can resist French fries? They’re vegan, delicious, and are just that fuss-free snack that makes the perfect accompaniment to any savoury meal, or to be enjoyed just on their own as comfort food!

These crunchy golden fries from M Fried Chicken are exactly what you need for French Fries Day, and don’t forget to pick up your choice of sauce for dipping!

Simply Ribs (Kota Damansara / TTDI)

Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Sauce | Stuffed Potato Skins

While often a side dish, potatoes can also be a star dish on any menu. These stuffed potato skins from Simply Ribs combines a mix of textures from the crispy skin, that’s then filled with minced beef, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and spring onions, and served with a side of some velvety sour cream.

And if you’re more a mashed potatoes kind of guy or gal, then get yourself a serving of the decadent mashed potatoes doused in a savoury mushroom sauce.

SoYoung Malaysia (Seri Kembangan)

Venus Sweet Potato Ball| Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato Ball and Soymilk

Proving that spuds and root vegetables can absolutely be made into desserts, we can find potato-esque desserts from all corners of the world from sweet potato pies, to pisang goreng (banana fritters), kuih bingka (cassava cake), and bubur sago ubi manis (sago pudding with sweet potato).

As a passionate producer of soymilk products, SoYoung Malaysia is offering some healthier versions of sweet potato desserts.

Along with the Venus (orange) Sweet Potato Balls, you can also get the Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato both in balls and soymilk versions. Add on a few beans, some syrup, and a few pearls, you’ve got yourself a wholesome dessert!

Restaurant Gong Xi Cuisine (Imbi)

Dry Fried Potato Slices | Shredded Potatoes, Hot & Sour or with Minced Pork

Do you love potatoes, but you also love Chinese food? Then Gong Xi in KL is just the restaurant for you! With a wide menu offering affordable local Chinese dishes, choose from the options of potato sides including shredded or sliced, and with toppings and flavourings to your liking.

All throughout the month of July, enjoy the low delivery fee of only RM3 for distances up to 25km!
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