Sweet! It’s World Chocolate Day!

It’s sometimes crazy to think that we went from humans discovering the white beans inside cacao pods were actually edible, to modern society then building entire global industries from what we now know as chocolate!

From desserts such as cakes and cookies, to ice cream and as a beverage, and of course to be savoured just on its own, chocolate exists in almost every edible form we can think of. And sometimes, we enjoy chocolate not even to be eaten but just to be looked at, as a fountain or a sculpture!

In marking the annual World Chocolate Day on 7th July, we at GemSpot would like to join in the celebrations for the world’s favourite dessert item, by sharing the mouth-watering selection of chocolate items available for ordering on our app.

Warning: You might want to get a tissue for the drool-worthy photos we’re about to show you!

Gianduja Dark Chocolate Cake

Junandus (1 Day Pre-Order Required)

Celebrating the uniqueness of how dark chocolate can be both bitter and sweet, this cake has layers that will deliver all the sensations you want from a chocolate cake. With the chocolate ganache separating the sheets of sponge cake, you then get a burst of texture from the crushed hazelnuts for a smooth bite that’s perfectly ‘not too sweet’.

Triple Chocolate Donuts

Fluff.co (1 Day Pre-Order Required)

Acknowledging the widely agreed upon fact that there’s no such thing as too much chocolate, these donuts feature a chocolate topping then topped with chocolate chips, to illustrate the various shades chocolate can appear in.

Best of all, by ordering a half-dozen of these (or more), you can easily share the indulgence with others (or not, you can also eat them all yourself!).

Iced Chocolate

Beans Depot

Another point in versatility that chocolate has going for it: you can also drink it.

This delicious iced chocolate drink is served with milk, topped with drizzle and of course served cold for that refreshing sip.

Psst… they also have an iced chocolate with caramel!

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Republic

Being so universally-loved, chocolate also makes a great gift for anyone, whether for a friend, family member, romantic interest or even as a gift when visiting someone else’s home.

And if you’re looking to impress someone, this 12-piece elegantly packed box of truffles will certainly stand out from the average store-bought chocolate box.

Chocolate Affair Cake

Lavo (2 Days Pre-Order Required)

A dessert for any occasion, this cake is truly an ‘affair’ of its own with a deep, dark and rich fudgy brownie that’s at the same time moist!

This 6-inch square cake can be shared with up to 6 people, and would be a no-fail dessert solution to any group gathering or potluck situation,

Happy World Chocolate Day 2021!

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