Have your cake and eat it!

Have you ever wondered how cake was even discovered? Whose idea was it to even mix together sugar, butter, flour and eggs and put it in an oven?

It is said that the ancient Greeks made cake with eggs, milk, nuts and honey; and later, the early English made ‘cakes’ that were more like bread. Eventually, during the renaissance period (that is 15th and 16th century Europe), the form of a ‘cake’ closer to what we know today (that is leavened with beaten eggs) came about in Spain. Interestingly, the origin of the word ‘cake’ has roots in the Old Norse language spoken by Vikings!

And boy, what a journey the cake has made! Thanks to human ingenuity and an instinctive love for desserts, we can now enjoy cakes in the endless shapes, forms, textures and tastes that are available to us.

From adding usually savoury ingredients such as vegetables into cakes (who doesn’t love a good carrot cake?), to unbaked cakes (such as chilled cheesecakes), alcohol-infused cakes (hello tiramisu!), cakes made up of what is essentially stacked pancakes (the famous mille crepe), and more… the future holds infinite possibilities for how we will continue to evolve this all-time favourite dessert known as ‘cake’.

Whether to celebrate someone’s birthday or a special occasion, or just to enjoy a slice after a meal – any excuse to eat cake is a good excuse! And if you’re craving for a whole cake to share with your family, here are some mouth-watering choices available for delivery via the GemSpot app.

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Fondant Cake

Jaclyne Cakes (2 days pre-order required)

Want that real insta-worthy cake that not only tastes good but looks good, too? The amazing fondant creations by Jaclyne Cakes are mini works of art, with 3D sculptures and impressive decorative details.

Perfect for celebrating any milestone event such as an engagement, bridal or baby shower, or a toddler’s special themed birthday party, these cakes are so pretty you’ll almost hesitate to cut into them.


RE Birth Cake Ventures (1 day pre-order required)

The ‘little sister’ of whole cakes, cupcakes are great for many reasons: they don’t require cutting and portion-ready for serving. You can usually get a box of multiple flavours without having to commit to just a single flavour, and if any need to be stored as leftovers, they won’t take up as much space in your fridge.

But if you do decide to order half a dozen cupcakes, we highly recommend trying a new flavour that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as a cupcake. These vanilla base cupcakes with key lime frosting are both easy on the eyes as they are on the lips.


Union Roastery (2 days pre-order required)

Tea time is always a good time for cake, but what if the cake was the tea?

This unique Earl Grey Passion Cake offerings a refreshing taste of fruit with a hint of earl grey. With the decadent layers made up of butter cake, passion fruit jelly and cream cheese frosting, this cake is a rich mouthful waiting to happen!

Mille Crepe Cake

Stars Picker Audio Cafe

The term ‘mille-crêpe’ translates to “a thousand pancakes”, whereby layers and layers of thin pancakes (AKA crepes) are stacked upon each other and held together with cream and filling. And while this famous cake is often thought to be French, it is believed to have been created by a Japanese pâtissier who studied in France and later went on to open many bakeries in various countries.

This gula melaka mille crepe offers that French crepe texture with a local twist, while also being super convenient in that you can order just a slice (without being obliged to order an entire cake).

Cendol Cake

Junandus (1 day pre order required)

Celebrating some of the best flavours of home in a dessert, this cake will make you feel all warm and fuzzy from the first bite. The cendol-flavoured cheese mousse sitting on a cookie-crumb bed packs a bite that’s offers both fragrance and texture, while the coconut flavours and red bean and corn toppings will offer layers of deliciousness that just keep going.

This 8-inch beauty can serve between 20 to 30 pax, and don’t forget to add candles to your order if ordering for a birthday.

Is there a birthday or special occasion you’d like to order a cake for in July? Well you’re in luck because you can get 25% off (up to RM8) with the promo code CAKE25 when ordering from our selected cake merchants from 4th to 31st July 2021!

And not just that, if ordering from a bakery or eatery within 25km, you’ll get to enjoy the low delivery fee of RM3. And if you’re gonna splurge and spend more than RM100 in a single order, you’ll even get FREE delivery!

So quick, get to tapping on smartphone and get your cake orders in today!

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