Budget eats: RM15 or less!

MCO got you ordering meals too often? Want the convenience of meal delivery but without busting your monthly food budget?

Having a generous portion to yourself doesn’t have to cost much, and budget eating doesn’t have to mean bite-sized meals! Besides the diverse cuisine options on GemSpot, we got some satisfying budget-friendly options with all the trimmings too!

Whether for a solo portion (so you don’t have to share), or ordering a mixed rice type of meal with members of your household, here are some of our top picks for budget meals you can get delivered to you today.

Go 2 Pan Mee
From RM9 to RM13.50
Located in SS2, non-halal

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of pan mee; dry or soupy you can’t go wrong. From the hand-torn noodles, to the anchovies, vegetables, poached egg and sambal, there’s so much to love about this Hakka dish.

Go 2 Pan Mee offers a variety of pan mee, with or without dumpling, clear soup, with meatball, a chilli version, and so, so many more! A basic hand-torn goes for only RM9, but if you want to spoil yourself, get the spicy miso bacon pan mee with either thin or thick noodles for RM13.50.
And if you have a few Ringgit to spare, go ahead and get an add on.

Ipoh Cravings Café
From RM6.60 to RM14.70
Located in Damansara Utama, pork-free

The owners of this café are proud to be born and raised Ipoh true bloods, and offer that authentic Ipoh vibe from their décor to their dishes.

Among the bestsellers at Ipoh Cravings include the Signature Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun (with wet and dry versions priced at only RM10.30!), as well as the Hainanese Kampung Chicken Rice (priced between RM11.40 to RM12.50, depending on which chicken part your order).

And if all that talk about chicken is making you crave for something a little more filling, load up on the Curry Chicken Noodles (with kuah or dry version), priced at only RM14.70.

48 Ho Chiak Kopitiam
From RM7.50 to RM11
Located in Kota Damansara, non-halal

Love Chinese and Nyonya food? This place has only 4 categories of orders, with all 4 categories offering a steal of flavours for the price.

Want some nasi lemak for breakfast? The Fragrant Traditional Nyonya Nasi Lemak goes for only RM8. The Wantan Mee sets come in a soupy or dry version, to your preference, and averaging around RM8. You could also order yourself an always beloved Chicken Rice – with just chicken for RM7.50, or with their signature roast pork for RM11. And finally you can also get you some proper Malaysian stir-fry including a Char Koay Teow at only RM9.50.

With prices that low, you could even order two meals and still only spend RM15!

Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant PJ
From RM9 to RM12
Located in Petaling Jaya, non-halal

A classic Chinese-Malaysian pick & mix menu, you could easily order main dishes to share with a side of white rice and still only spend RM10 to RM15 per person.

Whatever your preferred choice of protein – they have it, including pork, chicken, fish, prawns, as well as all the usual accompaniments you would need to complement your mains including tofu, vegetables, noodles, egg dishes and soup.

Most items on the menu average around RM10 to RM20, so grab a friend or two and treat yourselves to an at-home Chinese seafood spread on the cheap!

Honorable mentions!

Ayam Penyet Kiara
Located in Mont Kiara, Halal

Whole Leg Crispy & Juicy Fall-off-the-bone Chicken (served with sambals, acar and choice of chicken soup or mangut (Javanese gravy))
Kiara Komplit (Beef in Sumatra style dendeng, tempe, and chicken) RM14.80

Ah Ming Bak Kut Teh
Located in Klang, non-halal

Pineapple, Seafood or TomYam Fried Rice

Located in Bandar Utama, non-halal

Signature Nyonya Laksa RM13
Butter Chicken Chop Rice with signature buttermilk sauce RM13.50

Any of these eateries located within 25km from you? Enjoy further savings by paying only RM1 for delivery all throughout the month of June!
Be sure to place your orders before end-of-day (may vary with MCO) and check back regularly for promo codes.

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