Presents for Papa

Dads would do anything for their kids; from giving you rides for wherever you need to go, to buying you stuff just because you asked for it, to even literal heavy lifting and handiwork – if there’s something Dad could do for you, you know he would.

While Mother’s Day is full of images of bouquet gifting and breakfast in bed, Father’s Day can often leave us stumped and unsure of what to get for our dearest Papa.

Forget the run-of-the-mill generic presents that you can get for any male figure in your life – GemSpot has done the gift brainstorming for you with a curated selection of gifts that any Dad would love.

Check out our ‘SUPERDAD’ and ‘Father’s Day Favourites’ special selections on the app, and read on to find out about you can get discounts with our special Father’s Day promo codes.

Cake & Edibles

BeerMug cake; Birthcake Ventures | Suit it Up; Amelyngift.co | SuperDad cake; Junandus

While you can absolutely send a bouquet of flowers to Dad, but juuuust in case your Dad is not really an appreciator of delicate petals, why not send him something he can munch on instead?

With roasted nuts, fresh fruits and bundled and held together by a bottle of sparkling juice (making it suitable for Muslim families!), the Suit it Up! gift package (from Amelyngift.co) is the perfect alternative to a floral bouquet.

And if it’s dessert you’re after, our talented bakers and cake designers have constructed some Dad-centric cake designs just for his special day. Among the many unique designs you can choose from and customise include a moist chocolate fudge cake in the shape of a beer mug (from RE Birth Cake Ventures), as well as a SuperHero cake (from Junandus) that you can order with a choice of 3 flavours; caramelised cookies, salted caramel chocolate, or red velvet.

Expect any cake order to require pre-orders.

A toast to Dad

As the cool kids say, everyone has their own ‘poison’, and whatever your Dad’s favourite drink, we bet you we have it in stock.

For the laid back Dad who likes watching sports and grilling on the barbecue, the Tiger Beer gift set (from Bloom23) makes for a nice and simple delivered gift. For the Dad who enjoys having aperitif before dinner, the ‘Cheers to Papa’ set (from Tailored Floral) comes complete with a bottle of red wine, crackers, cheddar and dried cranberries.

And for the Dad who loves to entertain, checkout Lavo Wine’s full catalogue of wine and spirits that you can choose from, including specially packaged items ready for Father’s Day delivery.

Father’s Day drink items may require up to 2 days pre-order.

Gift sets

Pampering set from Miss J Florist

Everyone (including grown men like your Dad!) appreciates a surprise gift; something unexpected, and something you might not see in an everyday gift store.

For the busy working Dad, the Coffee-Loving Dad set will ensure he only gets the best quality cuppa joe every morning; packaged complete with a cup, scoop, a delicious coffee bean blend, and more. If your Dad is the type to have (or aspire to have) his own bar at home, then the Gin-Aholic set will only encourage his mixology skills with a bottle of gin and a stainless steel shaker set complete with measuring cup, strainer and more useful accessories.

And finally for the hardworking Dad who deserves to relax more often, the Pampering set comes with a sleek black massage gun, premium toothpaste and a choice of facial products from Clinique for Men.

These special coffrets from Miss J Florist will be sure to impress not just your Dad, but also your other family members who will be watching him unbox them!

Gift sets from Miss J require 3 days pre-order, with pre-orders closing by 15 June 2021 to secure delivery slots in time for Father’s Day.

Surprise your Daddy dearest with any of these amazing gifts and have them delivered right to his lap!

  • For items from Miss J, enjoy up to RM30 off with a minimum spend of RM150 with the promo code LOVEMJ.
  • The promo code SUPERDAD will also get you RM20 off with minimum spend of RM120 for a selection of Father’s Day orders!
  • And while we’re in the month of June, enjoy a month-long low delivery fee of only RM1 for distances up to 25km!

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