Special Treats for Dads

Father’s Day is a day to gather and celebrate Dad, including with family members who might have already left their parental home, and spend quality time together over a nice meal.

However just after May celebrations (including Hari Raya and Mother’s Day) fell during the MCO period, Father’s Day is the latest occasion that we Malaysians will have to spend celebrating on a much smaller scale.

But more than a big celebration, is the importance of showing your dearest Dad how much he means to you! So whether you live in the same household as your Dad or if you live just far apart enough that SOP won’t allow you to visit him, you can still treat your Dad to a hearty Father’s Day lunch or dinner – all with a simple few taps on the GemSpot app!

And with the many cuisine choices we have on our app, there’s a meal choice for every kind of Dad (and psst, there are even promo codes! Read on to find out more!).

Meat-Lover: Steak and Ribs

Ribs on charcoal bbq from Iberico Kitchen

There’s something ‘expensive’ about a quality Western red meat meal. It’s that kind of special occasion dish, something that you order when wanting to impress someone, or to give someone a treat. And who else could be more deserving of such a luxe treat than your dad, who looks after you as your protector every day of your life, no matter how old you are.

From rare to well-done (though medium rare is always highly recommended!), a good steak and sides always make for a hearty meal.

For a potentially lighter meal, some ribs that are falling off the bone can also hit the spot with that post-meal satisfaction that only red meat can do!

Roasted Goose and Chinese food  

Oversea whole roasted goose

Whether you’re Chinese yourself or just love Chinese food, Oversea is a much-beloved Malaysian Chinese restaurant offering top quality food.

And as Father’s Day is traditionally observed on the third Sunday in June, why not have a Chinese style Sunday roast with a whole roasted goose! Perfect for lunch or dinner, you get a main dish that’s both crispy and juicy, and is easy to pair with practically any side dishes of your choice.

And while you’re browsing Oversea’s menu, check out also the special Parents’ Day sets for 6 to 10 pax that include appetisers, main and side dishes and even desert items.


Jaren’s Hotpot Father’s Day Value Set

The communal hotpot is perhaps the most Asian communal meal that a family can share together; cooking meat and vegetable items in a flavourful soup.

Easy to set up and even easier to enjoy as a meal, the Asian hotpot is a great way to take care of meal arrangements with minimum instructions. And just like the hotpot in the middle of the table, a hotpot meal for Father’s Day can be a way to show your Dad that he’s the centre pillar of your family!

Check out the generous Father’s Day Value Set from Jaren’s Hotpot for 3-4 pax; with 2 different soup bases, meat ingredients, vegetables, a selection of condiments and even some beer to wash it all down. And before you ask, yes, you can get an entire hotpot set delivered to you at home including pot and stove rental.

Ordering for a Father’s Day meal at home? Use the promo code SUPERDAD to enjoy RM20 off with min spend of RM120! And while we’re in the month of June, enjoy a month-long low delivery fee of only RM1 for distances up to 25km!

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