Celebrating World Milk Day!

Have you ever stopped to think about how many of your favourite food comes from milk? Butter that we use to cook with or bake fluffy delicious cakes with. Creams, whether cooking heavy creams for pastas or whipped creams enjoyed with fruits and cereal. The cheeses that go on top of pizzas and into our burgers. Ice cream that we put in cones and blend into milkshakes. The foam from our lattes or hot chocolate – hot or cold.

Needless to say, dairy makes the world a better place and is the world’s most favourite source of calcium. Versatile as it is, milk plays such a huge role in our lives that it even has its own day!

Established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1st of June marks the annual World Milk Day as a day to recognise the importance of milk as a global food.

And so in observance of this international celebration of all things milky, here are some delicious food items (all made from milk-based ingredients!) that you can order via Gemspot today.

Milk-based drinks

From ice-blended to fruit smoothies – everything is better with milk! Choose from the wide selection of milky drink choices on the app, and discover new flavour fusions such as a yogurt drink with avocado (from Yogurt King), or a mango-infused milk tea (from Pin Tea).


All the best ice-cream flavours are made from a milk base (sorry, not sorry, sorbets), and if you’re lucky, you might get two dairy ingredients that just go oh, so good together.

Imagine this: a lemon cheesecake in ice-cream form? Two of the best desserts in one – you’ll feel like it’s your birthday!


Almost all white pasta sauces – such as alfredo, carbonara and bechamel – are made from milk, butter, cream, cheese, or even better, a combination of those ingredients. In fact, if you didn’t have a recipe and just tried to make up a sauce with those ingredients, poured over some pasta, it would still probably be delicious! Add salt and pepper.

But of course the pasta family favourite for all ages – a delicious Mac & Cheese! And even if it’s only available on the kids’ menu, there’s absolutely no embarrassment in ordering some golden creamy macaroni & cheese even for your adult self!

Cheesecake / Buttercake

Whether you like cakes that are airy and spongey, or dense and moist, milk-based ingredients can achieve whatever the texture you’re looking for!

Among the many food trends that exploded on the internet during the various waves of lockdown, is the burnt basque cheesecake. Who knew a cake so rich in cream cheese and whipped cream could produce a mix of textures from a caramelised top to the gooey cake centre!

And of course, butter cake as well as cookies are an evergreen sweet treat, perfect for afternoon teas and make a great base for toppings such as a berry jam.

Coffee & Tea…. With milk!

Like milk, coffee and tea are also versatile enough to be enjoyed hot or iced, so depending on the weather or time of day, you can get your caffeine hit how you like it suited to you.  

And even if you usually take your coffee or tea black, these cool creations will get you craving a milky version. Checkout the delicious INS Milk Tea from Instea that you can customise with pearls or jelly; as well as the Fresh Milk Espresso Ice Cube Latte from Piccolo Cravings where as the name suggests, the espresso itself is frozen as ice cubes and infuses into the milk while at the same time cooling the entire glass as an iced coffee.

Happy World Milk Day 2021!

Order via the GemSpot app and enjoy delivery fees at only RM1 for distances up to 25km throughout the month of June 2021.

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