Tap to quench thirst!

Whenever we talk about meeting up with a friend, we always refer to it as ‘to have a drink’ or ‘to catchup over coffee’. The concept of ‘grabbing a drink’ is not only a sustenance to our everyday lives, but it also acts as a social connector between us and others.

With MCO 3.0 in full effect, not being able to go out and enjoy a refreshing beverage whenever we want is quite the bummer.

Now that brings us back to us! (Shameless plug.) GemSpot isn’t just a platform where you can get meals and gifts, but we have drinks that can be delivered to you and your loved ones as gifts with a few swipe and clicks.

Options aplenty, ranging from healthy yogurt blends to sinful combinations of tea, milk and boba – there’s an option for anyone to hydrate and stay satisfied.

Yogurt drinks

Strawberry Baby from Yogurt King | Mango Yogurt from GuoFresh

Who doesn’t love a good calcium boost? Unlike ice-blended coffee shop beverages that might be made with a drink base that’s loaded with sugar, these yogurt drinks are the healthier option and will feel like a treat when they’re actually good for you.

And it’s not just that the yogurt content that will give your gut and health a dose of good bacteria, the fruit content in these drinks will also give you a fibre boost too. It’s a win-win!

Chocolate, Coffee & Tea

Hot Matcha from Beans Depot | Chilled bottled coffee from The Bulb Coffee

Are you missing your daily coffee joint and the cuppa joe made by your favourite hipster barista? Well all you coffee snobs can get that barista-quality caffeine* fix, hot or cold, without having to leave your house.

From bottled iced coffee to hot chocolates, warm and iced infusion teas, and even bags of coffee beans, the various trendy coffee cafes on GemSpot will be sure to get you what you need.

*and yes, there’s caffeine in tea and chocolate.,, too!

Fruit juices and teas

Signature Fruit Tea from Pin Tea | Cold pressed dragonfruit-pear-apple juice from Fruit.co

Fruits make for the best natural flavouring to any drink. Besides being packed with vitamins, fruit drinks also help fulfil the fruit & vegetable quota of your daily intake, adding that much-needed balance to your diet with just one drink.

Whether a cold-pressed juice or a fruity tea, perhaps nothing feels more refreshing and invigorating a splash of fruity goodness.

Wine & Beer

Lavo Wine boasts an impressive selection of French wines, with a catalogue that extends to champagnes and premium-brand spirits (gin, cognac, whiskey, vodka, etc).

And now, you can even get draught beer from Lavo restaurant, with 500ml servings for 2- or 6-glasses for Tiger, Guinness or Heineken. Freshly poured, chilled packaged, delivered to you.

So whether a wine to accompany a meal or a pint to help you relax, check out the app for promotions and order your “grown-up” drinks.

Checkout the various vendors and restaurants listed on the app and discover more from the wide drink selection available including kombucha, local drinks such as cincau and sirap, and soda and canned drinks.

Enjoy delivery fees at only RM1 for distances up to 25km throughout the month of June 2021.

And for a limited time only, enjoy up to RM20 off with a minimum spend of RM100 on draught beer with the promo code BEER20 from Lavo Tropicana, and RM30 off select bottles of spirits from Lavo Wine.

Order via the GemSpot app to enjoy these promotions today.

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