Oversea Specials: Chinese at Home

If you’re a Malaysian who loves Chinese food, then you would have heard of the Chinese food institution known as Oversea Restaurant. With multiple branches in Kuala Lumpur (as well as even in Ipoh), Oversea has been providing foodies with top quality home cooked Cantonese cuisine, signature seafood dishes and even dim sum.

Can’t get yourself to an Oversea outlet during MCO? Well now you can enjoy Oversea’s quality food in the comfort of your own home by ordering on GemSpot. Here’s a little menu sampling that will be sure to activate your cravings for Chinese food. Non-halal content ahead!

Frozen dimsum

Dim sum. What’s there not to love about dim sums? Originated during Song Dynasty in the southern region of China, dim sum is the all versatile breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner or supper bite sized goodness that has traversed its origin to be recognised globally.

And now, you get to enjoy these packets of goodness at the convenience of your own home, granted you have a steamer or just a pot with cover. Oversea’s high quality and freshly made dim sums get frozen and packed, available in 3-, 6-, and 8-piece orders.

Parents’ Day sets

Think Dad would love a catered meal at home for Father’s Day lunch? Or maybe you just want the opportunity to bring together members of your household for a special Chinese meal?

The Parents’ Day sets are a great value-for-money complete order including appetisers, main and side dishes, and even dessert items. Priced from RM474.88 and upwards, the sets include items such as soup appetisers, signature seafood dishes (fish and prawns in various sauces), vegetable side dishes, rice and noodle dishes, as well as Chinese desserts such as Shanghai pancakes and other restaurant specials.

Sets serve between 6 to 10 pax. Use promo code from 4 – 21 June 2021 “SUPERDAD” and enjoy RM20 off with a minimum spend of RM120.

Roasted Goose

Photo by Andy Kho

Truly a specialty in Cantonese cuisine, roasted goose is often the showstopper of any meal. If you’re feeling like throwing your family a hearty banquet-style luncheon or dinner, then having a generous crispy and juicy roasted goose is truly a treat for the family.

Use promo code “GOOSE30” for a limited time only and get RM30 slashed off the original listed price of a whole goose.

Individual sets

Want to place a small order? You can still get that special Oversea meal that tastes like restaurant quality but with a homemade touch, even if just ordering for yourself or a few people.

Enjoy an array of individual rice and noodle sets starting from as low as RM18.80.

Enjoy RM30 OFF for a whole roasted goose with the promo code GOOSE30 when ordering from Oversea via the GemSpot app! And fret not if MCO is preventing you from getting to your favourite restaurants; enjoy RM1 delivery fees for distances of up to 25km!

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