Snack on These!

Unless your company or work title includes a MITI travel pass, you’re restricted to 10km transport radius to get all your necessities, food and drink woes addressed.

With a limit on social activities, we know exactly what you need, or we dare to say, what you deserve, in these anxious times – SNACKS!

Big meals, step aside. Gifts, sure … but snacks, oh snacks. Oh so delightful, so sinful and so just what we need and want. Check out our list of Snack Grubs you can get delivered to your home, spending only RM1 on delivery fee up to 25km when you order from GemSpot.

Healthy Snacks

Cut red dragonfruit from Fruit.co

New on the GemSpot app: whole and cut fruit! Fruits truly are the superior snack because they not only provide you with a natural sugar boost, they also add to your daily fibre quota for gut and overall health.

Whether ordering a weekly supply of fresh fruit, or wanting readily cut fruit for immediate snacking, the selection from Fruit.co will have you energised, hydrated and healthy.

Meaty Snacks

Satay from Auntie Sam Satay
Mixed Chicken Drumsticks Platter from M Fried Chicken

Whether to serve as an appetiser or side dish for a family meal, or just to sink your teeth into at any time of the day, a warm, juicy, meaty snack will always hit the spot!

Get your dipping sauces ready, and choose from a selection of chicken wings, drumettes or even satay sticks (or order them all – nobody is watching)!  

Fried Snacks

Porky Fries from The Flame
Tater Tots with cheese sauce from Cue@27

Exactly what you need as a de-stress snack, fried snacks are probably the most preferred kind of comfort food globally.

Whether some kind of fried potato (we’ll take any!), or anything else that’s been battered or breadcrumbed before frying, a hot, fried snack makes for the perfecting pairing for a refreshing cold beer, or to be chewed on while watching a sporting game or a movie.

Sweet Snacks

Coconut filled buns from Lena’s Bakery (2 days pre-ordering required)
CaveNut Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (chunky) from Cavemen Kitchn

For those whose sweet-tooth usually dictates what kind of snack they get, there are plenty choices on our app to keep you happy.Whether a soft and fluffy coconut-filled bun, or a jar of artisanal peanut butter that you can keep on your kitchen counter ready for scooping whenever you need a hit, browse through our app to find a wide selection of sweet snacks that will definitely deliver that satisfying sugar rush you’re craving for!

MCO 3.0 preventing you from getting to your favourite eateries? Fret not! As by ordering via the GemSpot app, all your favourite snacks can come to you at the low RM1 delivery fees of only RM1 for distances of up to 25km!

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