MCO 3.0 & Raya Hours

It’s official, we’ve gone into MCO 3.0.

In order to flatten the curve of Covid-19, the Malaysian government has announced a national Movement Control Order, replacing the scattered CMCO, RMCO and select areas of MCO just days following the re-enforcement of MCO in select states.

The guidelines are ever the more clear with a full MCO 3.0 taking full swing as of 12 May, 2021 until 7 June, 2021. Further extensions may ensue, but that is relatively up to how the numbers of Covid-positive fare as the weeks progress.

Alas, all plans for house visitations and small gatherings have to come to a halt. Luckily, delivery and takeaways are still operating; albeit certain operators dispatching from malls may have been affected with closures due to being listed on the HIDE list.

Malaysia, we’ve done this once and twice, we can do it thrice for the betterment of our economy and our fellow neighbours and friends.

Take note that due to Raya, some of our merchants will be either closed for a duration of a few days to hours of operation being affected. The following merchants with GemSpot will either be taking days off or changing their operating hours from 13 May – 18 May, 2021:

Simply Ribs, TTDI – Closed from 10 -17 May
Rasa Wau – Closed from 11-15 May
Ant Hotpot – Closed from 13-14 May
Peko Peko – Closed from 13-14 May
Restoran Busy Corner – Closed on 13 May
Tossed! Cafe – Closed from 12-14 May
Lena’s Bakery – Closed from 13-15 May
Oink Oink Gourmet Burger – Closed from 12-17 May
The Flame – Closed on 13 May
Congkak – Closed on 13-14 May
delibox – Closed on 13-14 May
Fruit.co – Closed from 13-14 May
Secret Floral – Closed on 13-14 May
Pink Me Florist – Closed on 13-17 May
De Flower Bar – Closed on 13-14 May
Petal Bloons – Closed on 13-14 May
Blissful Balloon Trading – Closed on 13-14 May
Junandus – Closed on 13-14 May
Bull & Rabbit – Closed on 13-14 May
Surprise You – Closed on 13-14 May
Amboi! – Closed on 13-14 May

Kindly note that during MCO 3.0, operating hours for all merchants will be affected. Please plan to order your meals early in order to meet delivery cut off hours.

Your kind understanding during this period is valuable to us as we continue to push through to bring you piping hot food on-demand, provide gifting services to those of you in a mood for celebration and deliver spirits and beers to ease the blues.

We hope to see you again soon for Dine-in.

Enjoy RM1 delivery fee on us during this MCO period. We know every dollar saved is a dollar earned!

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