A gift menu for Mama
A mother’s instinct is to always put her children first, ever-willing to sacrifice her own comforts and energy to give her kids and family the best of herself. And while the lifetime that mothers spend giving to their children can never really be repaid, you can at least take the opportunity to shower her with love – and a couple of presents – on Mother’s Day! Whether having a gift delivered to your mum, hand delivering a bouquet of flowers, or even surprising her with a decorated room, GemSpot has the gift for any and every mama! For the mother whose beauty blossoms like nature Flowers often reflect positive and often feminine qualities, and awarding a worthy bouquet to our mothers can be a way that we express love and appreciation.
Carnation bouquets from After Rain Florist (l) and Secret Floral (r)
Frilly flowers such as roses, peonies and carnations in red and pink hues often make us think of our mothers’ rosy face, as well as her elegance and softness. Whether a classic pink/red bouquet, or another colour bloom (perhaps in your mother’s favourite shade), the giving of flowers on Mother’s Day goes back generations, and will always make for a perfect gift. For the mother who is the centre of the room  If you’re planning to throw your mum a Mother’s Day surprise celebration, then you’re going to need balloons!
Mother’s Day balloons from Partylicious
Imagine this: your mum showing up to a family meal, and seeing balloons in her honour already decorating the space – what better way to let her know that the day is all about her! Whether with flowers or on their own, balloons really set the mood and ambience of a surprise celebration. For the mother whose sweet-tooth is as sweet as she is There’s something about gifting sweet treats that just lets someone know that they are being celebrated! It’s a way of saying that no matter how their day goes, they will have a dessert to look forward to!
Chocolate gift box set from Chocolate Republic| ‘Flower petal lady’ cake from Junandus
The gifting of cakes and other sugary foods is a traditional practice, where some cultures even have specific baked goods for the occasion. Whatever your mum fancies, we have the sweet treat for her to sink her teeth into! For the mother who knows how to appreciate the finer things in life While one of the main points of Mother’s Day is to let her kick her feet up and for once be one that the rest of the family attends to, there is a little gift you can offer to really help her relax: a bottle of wine or champagne.
‘The Queen’ champagne and flower gift set from Lavowine
Pair your bottle of choice with a pretty flower arrangement, and you’ll have a Mother’s Day gift that will give her a well-deserved break from her usual busy schedule. Checkout the catalogue of attractive gifts curated especially for Mother’s Day on the GemSpot app. Some items may require pre-ordering.

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