Hari Raya gifting from the heart

In Malaysia, offering ‘buah tangan’ (a gift) is very much encouraged and appreciated around the festive seasons. While we are still encouraged to practice covid-safe SOPs this Hari Raya (wearing masks when visiting, social distancing where possible, etc), we don’t have to let our good hygiene habits get in the way of our intention to offer gifts to our friends and relatives.

Whether ordering hampers as a festive gesture for colleagues and clients, delivering gifts to loved ones you won’t be able to visit in person, or even getting items delivered to yourself so you can offer them in person to your hosts when open house visiting, GemSpot has got a number of traditional and modern cakes and gifts to choose from this Ramadhan and Hari Raya.

Tip: With high volume of orders, some items requiring pre-ordering, and fasting month working hours, make sure you get your Hari Raya gift orders in ahead of time!

Layer cake / Kek lapis

Layer cake gift boxes from Amboi !

Famous in Sarawak and beloved by all Malaysians, the layer cake remains a Malay dessert that’s both classic yet versatile. Whether a single flavour or a box with multiple flavours, layer cakes can be served as large slices, or cut into bite-size cubes, making it a perfect dessert to have ready for any household hosting a busy all-day open house.

Available as layer cake gift boxes as well as in gift hampers.

Ramadhan sets with dates

Selamat Berbuka Puasa gift set and Joyful Raya gift set
(both containing dates and other items) from Tailored Floral

Before Hari Raya arrives, the whole month of Ramadan offers a festive buildup to the occasion. Dates are known as the ultimate buka puasa snack, as they are not only packed with nutrients, the high natural sugar content in the fruit offers a quick energy boost after a long day of fasting.

Perfect for any Muslim household, these gift sets contain delicious fresh dates as well as items such as plates and bowls; offering both that essential buka puasa fruit as well serving crockery one could use for Hari Raya!


Hari Raya cookies set from Chocolate Republic and
Hari Raya Choco Cookies gift set from Bloom 23

Biscuits and cookies are simply baked goods at other times of the year, but for Hari Raya, they are known as kuih raya! Whether the festive season must-have known as pineapple tarts, or other universally-loved flavours like chocolate chips, cookies are made for sharing, and gifting a jar of crunchy and melty goodies only helps to spread that festive spirit around.

Gift hampers and flowers

Hari Raya gift sets from Tailored Floral

Not all gifts have to be edible – a beautiful potted plant makes for a warm gift for any family home (and not to mention will stand a better chance of lasting longer than the cookies!).

Check out the truly Malaysian gifting options packaged specially for Hari Raya that come with unique finds such as traditional tiffin carriers, colourful plates and bowls, reusable woven baskets, sparkling juice and more, along with a few sweet goodies.


Baju Kebaya Designer Cake and Eid Cupcakes from Junandus
Bika Ambon (in various flavours) from Amboi !

Also on the app, are a number of traditional and modern cakes to complete a Hari Raya meal spread.

Whether a traditional Bika Ambon (AKA tapioca cake / kuih bingka), a set of cupcakes, or a decorated designer cake to adorn one’s dining table, there’s always room for dessert!

Checkout the wide variety of Ramadan and Hari Raya gifts available on the GemSpot app today!
Enjoy RM8 off a minimum spend of RM100 with the promo code RAYA, and all throughout the fasting month, enjoy a super-low Delivery Fee of only RM1 for distances up to 15km!
Some items may require pre-ordering.

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