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Ramadan and Hari Raya is a festive and joyous period in the year. But positive vibes aside, the fasting month is also a busy period for all Malaysians, with end-of-day traffic jams, festive shopping, and everyone trying to get errands done while working and before the Hari Raya public holidays.

For those who are fasting, we know there are days where you are too busy to cook or plan what you’d like to eat for your breaking of fast. Or perhaps you have been invited to a buka puasa session with relatives, colleagues, or friends, and you’re not quite sure what to bring or order.

Whether experiencing specific cravings or just looking for a convenient solution, GemSpot has got you covered! With the many Muslim-friendly eateries listed on our app, just a few taps on your phone and you can order your meal straight to your doorstep, with no cooking effort, minimum serving effort, and most of all, so that you can buka puasa on time.

Checkout these Halal-certified restaurants offering a wide variety of local and regional flavours, catering to both single and group orders.

Ayam Penyet Kiara

Can’t get to a Ramadan bazaar to buy yourself some chicken wings? These whole crispy and juicy chicken legs come complete with a variety of sambals, different kinds of rice dishes, and even choice of soups.

Muslim families organising prayers or gatherings at home can consider the Kenduri or Family Meal bulk orders.

Congkak KL

This eatery is gaining popularity online for its attractive use of updated serving methods for traditional dishes. Describing its cuisine as Nusantara – an old Javanese word to mean “outer islands” – this restaurant serves Indonesian-style meals, offering familiar regional flavours with a slightly elevated touch.

From classic crowd pleasers such as satay and rendang, to fancier fare such as grilled beef short ribs marinated in spices and the epic Nasi Ambeng sharing platter, enjoy a spectrum of rich savoury flavours sure to satisfy your hunger.

Aunty Sam Satay

There’s so much to love about satay: the signature accompanying peanut sauce, how it’s a dish made for a pot-luck with how easy it is to share, and of course how chunks of meat on skewers are not just easy to handle on a grill but also make for convenient handles to hold for eating!

Available to order from 5 to 50 sticks, why not grab a couple of side dishes like fried rice or even fries to go with!

Rasa Wau

Our local cuisine is truly unique, and this restaurant offers a wide array of dishes from the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

If you’re feeling like you’re craving an authentic Malay-cooking meal experience, why not order some Nasi Kerabu with a generous serving of meat and seafood dishes like sambal sotong, udang petai and gulai kambing (just a tip: consider opening a window if ordering all those dishes together)!

But with such a vast menu, Rasa Wau offers something for everyone including also simple fried dishes and even western food.


If you like restaurants that offer an east-meets-west variety of menu items, then this is the place for you!  

For a noodle craving, this place offers local specials like laksa and fried noodles, as well as pasta dishes like carbonara and aglio-olio. Other Malaysian offerings include asam pedas, gulai, nasi lemak and your classic ‘goreng-goreng‘. And if your tastebuds desire something less spicy, the Western section of the menu offers burgers, side dishes and even salads for the more calorie-conscious.

Find these restaurants and more Halal and Muslim-friendly (pork-free) eateries for Dine-In or Delivery on the GemSpot app today!

  • For any minimum order of RM50, our Halal merchants will even send you a FREE box of Raya-inspired Dove 3-ply masks! (Coming Soon)
  • And all throughout the fasting month, enjoy a super-low Delivery Fee of only RM1 for distances up to 15km!

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