Party Planning: At your service!

You may think of party planning as an expensive service; hiring an individual or planning service to source for food and entertainment, decorate your space and set the mood for your personal event.

But now, you can do all the party planning yourself, without any planner service fees, with just a few taps on your phone! Whatever kind of event you’re planning such as a milestone birthday party, baby shower, a romantic occasion, or a surprise celebration for a loved one … Gemspot has got you covered!

Checkout our party planning bundles and packages, and let us do the planning for you!

1. Romantic occasion
   Marriage proposal | Engagement party | Anniversary

Marriage Proposal and Anniversary decoration package(s) by Bull & Rabbit

What you’ll need: Balloons, flowers and confetti

Whether a handheld balloon bouquet or a room full of balloons, you can’t deny there’s something magical and celebratory about seeing colourful, floating balls all around you! Flower bouquets and sprinkled flower petals then add a touch of romance – bonus points if you get them in the same colour palette as your balloons! And for that finishing touch – word balloons that spell out your message for you.

Perfect for an intimate celebration at home, or a romantic getaway.

2. Surprise bash
   Birthday | Life event: Baby shower, bridal shower

Birthday Room & Car Boot decoration by Surprise You

What you’ll need: Balloons, flowers, wish banner

Even if your loved one (romantic partner or best friend) is going through a busy period, you can always treat them to a day off from work and chores, showered in love and appreciation. Whether celebrating a life event such as having a baby, or perhaps a milestone birthday, everyone deserves to be spoiled and treated like royalty at least for a day!

Whether whisking them away for a staycation or better yet planning a joint-surprise with family and friends, leading the mum-to-be or birthday girl or boy or into a space that’s been pre-filled with balloons and flowers is a surprise that never gets old. Throw in a wish banner to truly make the day feel all about them!

3. Intimate celebration
   Birthday | Congratulatory event such as graduation or baby shower
   Farewell or send off party

Cake + Chocolate + Macarons Bundle by Junandus, and
Classic Red (balloons + bouquet) package by Secret Floral

What you’ll need: Flowers and/or balloons, and a sweet treat

For smaller scale surprises such as an office party for a colleague, a gathering at home with a small group of friends, or even just to show up at your friend’s doorstep with a bouquet in hand, the gesture of celebrating someone no matter how big or small scale remains an expression of affection.

Besides a balloon or flower bouquet (or both!), ‘sweeten’ the festivities with a cake for sharing, or gift the person you’re celebrating with a box of chocolates or macarons.

You can now order Party Planning bundles and packages via the GemSpot app! And all throughout the month of April 2021, enjoy delivery fee at only RM1 for up to 15km (within the Klang Valley)!

And while you’re here, have you signed up to the Gemspot loyalty programme? With points earned, you can even redeem custom party planning services! Check your profile tab on the app today.

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