Matching the food gift to the occasion!

The enjoyment of food always brings positivity, and different foods can evoke different emotions.

Just like whole cakes set the mood for birthday parties, some dishes are able to set the whole vibe of a certain event or occasion. In addition, there’s also a practicality to matching your pot luck contribution to the event you’re attending; for example finger foods for outdoor gatherings, and keeping cutlery-needed dishes for get-togethers at home.

Whatever your next get-together is, it is always important that you don’t show up empty-handed! Follow this handy suggestion guide for pairing your food offering or gift to the occasion.

  • Occasion: Office party
    Suggested food offering: Donuts

    Let’s be honest, office parties can be kind of awkward. There’s usually a communal table in the office pantry where everyone places their snacks, and there’s never enough cutlery or chairs to go around.
    Donuts are one of those snacks that are easy to share, and all you need is a napkin and your mouth!

    On top of that, unlike a single-flavoured cake, getting a dozen donuts in mixed flavours will ensure that there’s something to suit everyone’s taste preferences.
  • Occasion: Homecooked dinner date
    Suggested food gift: Wine

    Beer feels like the kind of beverage you drink when getting together with friends to watch a sporting game; but wine, spells romance. Unlike other beverages that can be chugged down, wine is always sipped, and the lingering of slowly drinking down the contents of your glass and then refilling it over the evening allows for intimate conversation and attentive exchange.

    Whatever you’re serving, there’s a wine to match it (red, white, rosé, sweet wine, or bubbly). Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re the one doing to cooking or the one who’s being wined and dined, wine is always an appropriate gift to offer a date.

  • Occasion: Bachelorette Party
    Suggested food gift: Cupcakes

    Not only is it a fact that women love sweets, there’s something about prettily decorated desserts with rainbow sprinkles and ruffled cream that’s women find themselves particularly attracted to.

    Estrogen runs particularly high at bachelorette parties, as women get together to celebrate their friend who’s about to get married. Cupcakes are not just pretty decorative items that add to the ambience of the party, but are also practical in that they can be the dessert for the evening in already prepared single portions.

  • Occasion: Weekend away at a friend’s house
    Suggested food gift: Ice-cream

    No matter how old you are, a weekend sleepover with friends will always get you feeling young again, like teenagers staying up late to talk, eat and play games.

    And what more perfect of a post-dinner or late-night snack than ice cream to truly bring back that feeling of youth. Better yet, set up a little ice cream bar with toppings, or serve a scoop on top of a dessert like brownies or apple pie.
Photo by C Technical from Pexels
  • Occasion: Housewarming
    Suggested food gift: Champagne (or bonus non-food item: flowers!)

    Just like how you see it at podium ceremonies of sporting events, the serving of champagne marks an achievement that’s worth celebrating. Similarly, your friend or loved one’s achievement of buying or moving in to a new home calls for celebration, and just as champagne is used to christen new boats that are released to sea, the offering of champagne as a housewarming gift can represent wishes of renewal, a welcome fresh start and good luck.

    An alternative (or additional) housewarming present that also does the job, is of course a thoughtful bouquet. While you could gift them their favourite bloom to freshen up their space for the week, you could also let the flowers do the well-wishing for you: anthuriums are known as the ‘hospitality flower’ and represent luck towards long-lasting relationships, and orchids are a feng shui favourite for the home in that they celebrate family and harmony.

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