Introducing: GemSpot’s Loyalty Programme!

Do you like free stuff?
Spoiler alert: Everyone does!

Here at GemSpot, we want to reward you with points simply for making orders that (let’s be honest) you were probably going to make anyway!
Whether using our app to order a meal for yourself and your household, or to order thoughtful gifts to be delivered your loved ones, we want to show you what a GEM (wink wink) of a member we think you are!

Introducing: GemSpot’s Loyalty Programme!

How can you be a part of it?

Have you downloaded our app, made a profile, and started using it to place orders? Great, you’re in!

But there’s more!

How can you earn points?

For every RM1 spent on the app, you will be rewarded with +1 point.

But that’s not all. You can also earn points by:

  • Leaving a review after every order
    Loved that new dish you decided to try from that exotic cuisine restaurant? Or maybe not? Let us know your honest feedback and earn +5 points!
  • Checking in and leaving a review
    Used our app for a table booking? Remember to check in when you arrive at your reservation, and be sure to leave a comment for your next +5 points.
  • Ordering via GemSpot during your birthday month
    Celebrate your special day with us by placing orders on our app during your birthday month, and enjoy double points!
    Make sure you update your birthday info on the app to be sure you’ll collect those x2 points.

And for new app users, there are even more ways to up your point gains as soon as you join the app (including literally, just joining the app):

  • Downloading the app
  • Registering your profile
  • Verifying your email, and
  • Completing your Diner Profile earns you +50 points per action! And
  • Referring a friend will earn you a whopping +100 points for each friend who signs up with your referral code! And what’s in it for your friend? Well, they also get +100 points for signing up with your referral code!

    You get points, and YOU get points… everybody is getting points!

Where can you check on your point earnings?

On the home screen of the GemSpot app, click on your profile tab (bottom right hand corner) and see a snapshot of your membership as well as points status so far.

It is also by clicking on your membership overview that you can update all the other point-earning activities such as completing your Diner Profile and leaving reviews on past orders.

What can you redeem with your points?

The Rewards Hub (also located under the member profile) is where you’ll be able to scroll through and browse for your rewards of choice.
From vouchers to get cash value reductions for future orders, to special orders from GemSpot vendors (such as cakes, bouquets, etc), and even premiums such as electronics, the rewards boutique features redeemable items starting from as low as just 100 points!

Want more out of this rewards programme?

We’re so glad you asked!

Anyone who’s signed up with the GemSpot app is automatically enrolled as a HotShot member, and can enjoy point earnings, double birthday points and receive updates for the various member promotions.

But super loyal GemSpot customers will even get a chance to level-up their profiles. For those who spend up to RM1,000 on the app within a 12-month period will be elevated to Superstar membership, whereby they will receive discounts and special birthday and dining vouchers (on top of all the benefits of a HotShot member).

And for those who spend up to RM20,000 on the app within a year, a super exclusive VIP membership awaits, whereby premium concierge offers await including receiving invites to VIP experiences, and even custom planning services for your own celebratory events!

So get to spending on GemSpot today, and start racking up those points!

To avoid points expiry, be sure to remain active on the GemSpot app with a booking / order / rewards redemption within 18 months of your last transaction. Inactivity on your member profile after 1.5 years may result in points expiry.

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