A personality-based bouquet guide!

Sometimes the perfect gift is not something you know they wanted, but something they didn’t know they needed.  

The same can be said for flowers; while your beloved one might already have a preferred flower in mind, you can always surprise them with a bouquet that might inspire their new favourite bloom.

Whether for Valentine’s or any other special occasion (birthdays, anniversaries), instead of asking your florist for a recommendation, or simply getting your loved one the same flowers you got them last year, why not carry out some thoughtful analysis and surprise them with a bouquet to match their personality!

  • The free spirit / The wild child
    Recommended bouquet or potted plant: Orchids

    Even if she might be down-to-earth and a reliable friend, something about her energy is intoxicating. She’s bold, sure of herself, and is perfectly comfortable defining her own personal style, and for that stands out in a crowd. She loves foreign cuisines, and her idea of a perfect holiday includes exploring places and experiences unknown.

    The free-spirited woman would know how to appreciate the exotic orchid, as the jungle vibe of the flower reflects her non-conformist nature.

  • The eco-warrior
    Recommended flower: Violets, Daisies

    After receiving flowers, this person will not only save the paper and ribbon that wrapped the bouquet, but will even upcycle the flowers themselves; making potpourri sachets to be scented with essential oils, or drying and pressing the petals to be later used as gift wrapping decorations or laminated into a bookmark.

    The eco-conscious woman will always appreciate the presence of fresh flowers in her home, and by gifting them flatter-petaled blooms that will eventually press easily, you are celebrating them in their noble quest for a greener lifestyle.
Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels
  • The busy bee
    Recommended plant: Cactus, or terrarium kit

    The active woman, who thrives on productivity and is always there for others. She fills her planner with after work activities like going to fitness classes and taking up new hobbies, and schedules her nights out with the girls some two weeks in advance.

    In order for the busy bee to keep up her lifestyle, she fills her weekend with self-care and catching up with chores, ready to take on the week again come Monday. By gifting them a cactus or a terrarium, you relieve them of the burden of demanding plant upkeep, and help ground them with a weekly reminder to water their low-maintenance house plant whenever they’re home.

  • The homemaker
    Recommended flower: Tulips, Carnations, Peonies

    Born to be a mother, protective, wise, and generous. The kind of woman others seek for advice, who is always ready to offer out the guest bedroom to anyone who needs it, and who would be able to teach you a recipe over the phone.

    This person deserves a bouquet with thicker flowers, with big blooms to spill out from their living room or dining table – to reflect on their own generosity in how they love others. A bouquet in a soft, pinkish hue would perfectly represent the warmth of their home and personal nature.
Photo by Eric Do from Pexels
  • The classy lady
    Recommended flowers: White lilies, red roses

    This woman commands admiration, and enjoys the finer things in life such as wine and jewellery. She looks most in her element while sporting a vintage hairdo and dressed for a formal or black-tie occasion, and expresses herself with a noticeably impressive vocabulary.

    A solid-coloured bouquet would be the perfect aesthetic match for the classic beauty; long-stemmed lilies to fill her crystal vase, or roses so perfectly red she might just snip off a bloom to wear in her hair.

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