Checklist for your at-home Valentine’s dinner!

Can’t book a table at a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s this year due to MCO?  Then a romantic dinner at home might just be the next best thing – if not better!

Here are four essentials that should be at the top of your checklist on how to throw the perfect at-home Valentine’s date this year (and how GemSpot has got you covered)!

1. Wine and Champagne

Before dinner, it’s important to set the mood and relax. Champagne is said to be an aphrodisiac, and there’s probably nothing sexier than meeting your date at the door with a flute of bubbly ready to go.

Remember to also serve the right wine to pair with your dinner serving. And of course, don’t forget to look your date in the eye when you clink your glasses together to wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day – eye contact is key!

FREE delivery for your champagne and wine when you order from Lavo Wine on the GemSpot app (under ‘Beverage Delivery’). Remember to order in advance so you have time to chill your bottles before serving.

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2. Dinner

More than the prices on the menu and table service, the most important part of a thoughtful and memorable romantic dinner is the food itself.

Whether serving the same meal for both of you, or choosing a different main course per person, you can bring that restaurant atmosphere home, complete with music and ambience, and without any interruptions! Simply order your meals in advance, so that when your date arrives you’d merely be left with the simple task of plating the food on warmed dishes before serving.

Or perhaps you want to impress your Valentine with a personal touch: a home-cooked meal. Known to be quite the card to play when wanting to prove future wife or husband potential!

From steak and all its accompaniments, to sushi and seafood, you will easily find your date’s favourite meal on the GemSpot app. You can also check out our vendors offering fresh and frozen food including meat patties and charcuterie. Select your meal and delivery time in advance, and enjoy free delivery all throughout the month of February!

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3. Flowers

The offering of flowers as a romantic gesture dates back centuries. Whether a flower decoration for the room, or a bouquet for your date to hold in her (or his!) arms, the presence of beautiful blooms  that special touch that makes Valentine’s day stand out from other days of the year.

Whether the classic bouquet of red roses, or an unconventional (but still classy) choice such as white lilies, flowers are a quintessential representation of romantic effort. And as Valentine’s is a day of love between all loved ones, why not order a bouquet for your mum too!

Checkout the list of florists on the GemSpot app, including the various Valentine’s Day limited edition bouquets available for pre- and same day ordering! And yes, free delivery February applies to flowers and other items in the gifts section too!

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4. Dessert

Finally, as you wind down from your romantic dinner, cap the night off with some luscious dessert.

A chocolate cake always seems like that perfect sexy dessert that you and your Valentine can take turns feeding each other! Ice cream on the other hand, makes for a perfect post-meal palate cleanser; cold, light, refreshing, and decadent.

And for a classy and creative option: macarons, plated and dressed with caramel or chocolate drizzle, or even a fruit coulis.

Choose from the many decadent dessert choices (including personalised options) from the GemSpot app, and you guessed it – delivery is free till the end of February. Click on the ‘Cakes’ icon in the gift section of the app, or simply use the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

Free delivery is offered for a limited time and for distances of up to 25km.

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