Simple and quick feng shui guide

Feng Shui is as much of an art form as it is a practice of metaphysical science. This ancient Chinese philosophy is meant to balance elements in your home, granting you improved energy flow and harmony.

While optimal feng shui home makeovers may require some handiwork, there are simple ways you can improve your home’s feng shui by astutely placing soft furnishings around your living spaces.

Follow these easy tips to invite positive energy into your home as you decorate to celebrate the lunar new year!

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  • Mirrors
    Adding mirrors to your home will not only increase light flow and give the illusion of a larger space, mirrors can also act as a daily reminder to check on yourself. It is important that mirrors reflect, literally and figuratively, your intentions. Therefore, it is recommended that you place mirrors strategically so that they reflect brightness, as well as the more beautifully decorated parts of your home (as opposed to reflecting the image of a messy corner of the living room).

    On the same principle, avoid hanging mirrors on certain bedroom walls where they might make you feel insecure or impede your quality of rest; for example above your bed, or on a wall that gives off too much brightness.
  • Plants and flowers
    The presence of house plants increases the oxygen levels in your home, reducing stress and purifying the air. In feng shui teachings, the right house plants can improve positive energy in your space by balancing the various elements.

    Here are some favourite plants that both feng shui and ID experts recommend for your home:
    • Lucky bamboo plant
      Representing wealth and fortune, the bamboo plant is not very demanding to care for, and comes in various sizes.
    • Orchids
      This exotic bloom is a feng shui favourite for its representation of fertility and family. When cared for correctly, an orchid plant can actually have a long lifespan.
    • Philodendron
      Representing the fire element, it is recommended to place this potted plant in a cold or darker corner of the home to add warmth and energy.
    • Jade plant
      Jade leaf trees, synonymously known as money plants, are said to attract wealth into your home. The plump leaves make them almost succulent-like, and can be placed in ‘finance’-related corners of the home such as your home work desk (and yes, can also be used to decorate your business space such as near a cash register).

      And if you’re wondering if there are any plants not recommended in home feng shui: avoid spiky or thorny potted plants indoors,
Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels
  • CNY decorations
    As with other aspects of Chinese culture, decorating is also a traditional practice, carrying a rich history and deeper meaning with every item displayed in one’s home.

    Here’s a quick guide to CNY decorating, and where symbology meets feng shui:
  1. Red lanterns
    Said to attract luck, red lanterns are perhaps the most popular symbol of the new year. To be suspended from trees, the front porch ceiling, or even over a doorway, best practices include hanging only new lanterns (never reuse last year’s lantern!) to invite new luck, and to hang at least 2 lanterns at symmetrical height and distance apart.
  2. Ang pao
    The iconic red money packets are not just money envelopes to be handed out, but can also be incorporated into the décor, such as by placing them besides the table setting for each guest. This act of generosity and love, is said to attract a reward cycle of luck and prosperity.
  3. Zodiac-related decorations
    2021 celebrates the year of the metal ox; the mighty ox representing diligence, strength and dependability, and metal representing precision and integrity – attracting optimal energy for your goals and ambitions.
    Paper banners are an easy way to welcome the renewing of the Chinese calendar, and often come with an image or cut-out of the year’s animal and element.

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