Bringing your CNY dinner home

As we gear up for a socially-distanced Chinese New Year, Malaysians can expect the usual family gatherings and reunion dinners to take on a more moderate form this year.

However, a proper Chinese meal is necessary for the festive occasion, even if it’s just enjoyed with members of your immediate family and household. And with the *free delivery that you can enjoy all February long, why not bring the festive feast to you?

Here are some delicious offerings to round out your CNY-at-home menu, as you continue the important tradition of wishing health and wealth to your loved ones around the dinner table, and elsewhere.

1. Treasure Pots (Poon Choi)

Traditionally a Cantonese festival meal, this Lunar New Year treat gets its name from the large bowl or basin it is usually served in, perfect for communal sharing.

Now available for your own household’s feasting, order yourself an auspicious Treasure Pot packed with goodies such as shiitake mushrooms, prawn, abalone, scallop, smoked duck, dried squid, baby cabbage and broccoli.  

Oversea Restaurant, Imbi | Oversea Restaurant, Sri Petaling

2. Yee Sang

The traditional yee sang toss might just be the most joyous way you can vocalise your wishes of prosperity for the coming year!

Served in many variations including as a raw vegetable salad, as well as heftier versions complete with seafood such as smoked salmon and abalone, yee sang is a delicious (and fun!) traditional dish that is a must-have for any CNY meal!

Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant

3. Chicken Wings

If you’re looking for a chicken dish for your CNY meal, look no further: the famous Wong Ah Wah chicken wings are an iconic item amongst Klang Valley foodies!  

The barbecue-roasted wings pack flavour while also offering that sought-after mixed texture that you look for in chicken – juicy, with slightly caramelised, charred skin.

Available for order for 5 pieces, and for a bigger gathering up to 100 pieces! Wong Ah Wah has also just released its extended menu on GemSpot, so plan your orders ahead as they sell out daily.

Wong Ah Wah, KL

4. Hotpot

Steamboat or hotpots are not only usually delicious and well-rounded as meals, they’re also a fun and participative way for families to gather and eat together.

With a flavourful soup base to infuse your ingredients, you can enjoy a hearty hotpot as a vegetarian option, or with choice of proteins such as seafood, or even beef or pork.

And yes, you can get delivered an entire hotpot meal complete with prepped ingredients and even induction heaters and pots for the tabletop serving!

Seafood Prosperity Hotpot, Jaren’s Hotpot

5. Bah Kut Teh

If you prefer to treat your family to individual portions instead, then why not order in some bah kut teh! With the origins of the dish tracing back to Fujian in China, this dish is now associated to Teochew communities in Malaysia and Singapore.

With a base of pork ribs in a complex broth of herbs and spices, bah kut teh is the perfect family brunch meal to be served the day after the reunion dinner.

Pao Xiang Bah Kut Teh (1Utama Mall)

Get ANY of these CNY Special meals delivered to you right now, or you can even order them in advance! *Best of all, delivery is FREE all throughout the month of February 2021, up to 25km distance!

Download and scroll through the Gemspot app and get ordering today!

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