MCO Edition: CNY Gifts to go around

The Lunar New Year of 2020 missed by a close margin the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO). This year, the festive holiday is not so lucky and will most like fall within either a lockdown, partial lockdown or, potentially, a reopening.

As we stay vigilant through the varying cycles of MCO, the ushering in of the Year of the Ox will likely not be as free-and-easy or celebratory as usual. With interstate travel uncertain and many skipping this year’s balik kampung, sharing in the well wishes and traditions of the holiday will definitely be affected.

However, the renewing of the lunar calendar must go on. And while open houses and in-person door gift offering look unlikely, you can still send your auspicious thoughts and well wishes with a gift — specially packed and delivered to your colleagues, partners, family and friends.

Hampers & gift baskets

Goodie hampers are truly the no-fail festive gift in Malaysia, perfect for everyone — from your best friend’s parents to your corporate clients. Hampers are no longer simply old-school industrial packaged foods wrapped in clear plastic; now with fresher and more diverse offerings available, and for every budget.

If you want to go simple, the Treasure Basket from Tailored Floral that includes mandarin oranges, pineapple tarts and peanut cookies in an attractive brown woven basket complete with knot and tag, is available for order for less than RM100.

If you’re prepared to splurge, the Grand Imperial hamper comes complete with canned abalone, wine, cookies, bird’s nest, chocolate and whiskey, for a price tag of RM1,288.

Tailored Floral


If a more nature-inspired gift is your thing, then flowers are the perfect vessel for your wishes as different blooms carry with them the various themes of Chinese New Year surrounding prosperity and harmony.

Pussy willow is a must-have as it symbolises growth and wealth in Chinese culture. Anthuriums are known as the ‘hospitality flower’ and are the perfect gift to offer your host or hostess. The exotic orchid is also a feng shui favourite, as the flower represents not just wealth but also family.

Whether a bouquet or a potted plant, let flowers convey your wishes for you this Chinese new year.

After Rain Florist

Wine and spirits

Chinese new year is a time for reunion, and for declaring your hoped and desired success for others as well as yourself in the coming year. There’s nothing more festive than people gathering around the table to clink their glasses together in a toast!

Whether a nice Riesling to accompany a multi-course banquet, or a whiskey for a spirit-lover to offer his guests as a welcome drink, a generous bottle will never fail to impress as a festive gift.

Peanut butter and more

Is the person you want to gift someone who would love a modern-meets-traditional CNY gift? Then check out these cool gift boxes from Cavemen Kitchn, a homegrown brand specialising in artisanal peanut butter.

And before you go thinking that peanut butter might not represent the occasion, peanuts are actually known as “longevity nuts” in Chinese culture, representing vitality and long life.

Cavemen Kitchn

Both the Ping An and Fu Gui boxes offer peanut butter and Chinese tea, with the Ping An box featuring a few extras including a dark chocolate peanut butter and a matcha milk spread.

Checkout the Gemspot app to scroll through the wide variety of CNY gifts ready for ordering, and you will even enjoy free delivery all throughout February 2020 (for up to 25km)!

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