Perfectly sweet delights to send your friends

Life hasn’t been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. Brunch gatherings and home dinner parties are few and far in between, and going out to eat at restaurants is no longer the carefree luxury of being served without the concern of exposure to other people in public spaces.

Malaysians know, that besides being what unites us the most, food is our language of love! And so for the ones whose “hearts you get to through their stomachs”, and for every pot luck party that we aren’t able to contribute to in person, here are some delicious offerings you can get delivered to someone you love (or order for yourself)!


For when you’re craving dessert, but don’t want a whole cake! The main advantage of a box of cupcakes is clearly the fact that you get to enjoy multiple cake flavours as opposed to just one! Whether red velvet, chocolate, or vanilla and buttercream, there’s no pleasure quite like peeling a wrapper back and trying to somehow make every bite that perfect balance between cake and frosting.

Mon Chèrieve Cakes


Perfect for a home or office party, donuts are great for sharing, and don’t need any serving tools apart from your hands! Donuts have also come a long way from only sugar and glazing; with creative offerings such as matcha, cheesecake, peanut butter, and even a few local flavours like coconut gula Melaka.



The aesthetic of a box of chocolates always feels expensive, and romantic. It’s an exciting adventure to pick up each little morsel of chocolate from its niche in the box, anticipating the surprise flavour that’s about to hit you as you bite down.

A gift so versatile, you could send it as a housewarming gift, or even to a romantic interest! Bonus tip: you can even customise your chocolates with a message – no, not on a card, on the chocolates themselves!

Chocolate Republic


Light meringues arranged in a line, no other dessert looks quite as chic as a box of macarons! A crispy yet melty confection, these flavoured meringues sandwiching a filling offer a complex sensation with different textures and flavours.

Available in chocolate, various berry and other fruity flavours, this French dessert will impress anyone.



In recent years, cake art has elevated to another level. From complicated ombre colour patterns, to life-size 3D toppings, modern cake makers are out to impress our visual senses as much as our tastebuds!

Whether for a birthday, or as a congratulatory gift, gifting a cake no matter the size always feels like a generous present to offer.

Q Jelly

Peanut Butter

The supreme spread – peanut butter is not merely something you put on bread, it is that comfort food that hugs our tastebuds and makes us feel like a kid again, and an essential kitchen must-have ingredient that we can incorporate into other foods like desserts, fruit servings and even the occasional savory sauce.

Know a nut butter lover that always seems to have a jar half empty on their kitchen counter? Gift them a jar of their favourite ooey-gooey goodness to help them de-stress and feel like a kid again!

Cavemen Kitchn

Ice Cream

Ice cream has evolved from its days of single flavours, to now being available in mixed flavours, smooth or with chunky toppings mixed in, and even dairy-free options such as fruit sorbet.

Not only is ice cream delicious on its own, it also reigns supreme as perhaps the best enhancement to a number of other desserts including pies, cakes, cookies, chocolates and more.

And since it’s always ‘ice cream weather’ in Malaysia, why not make an order for a pint or two?


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