The Virus Outside Is Frightful, ‘Tis The Season To Stay Home!

Christmas without exchanging presents, a ginormous feast with the family, or a huge holiday party sounds like something the Grinch would appreciate, but it seems like that’s exactly how Christmas will be this year. But don’t turn green just yet — there’s still fun to be had! 

Maintain Some Traditions 

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Sure, some of our typical traditions have to be shelved this year, but that doesn’t mean all of them will be! Decorate your house, blast holiday music, dress up festively even if it’s for that Zoom meeting with your family.

Feast on a scrumptious meal, perhaps order a big ol’ roast turkey from one of our merchants on the GemSpot app? Lavo, La Risata, and The Daily Grind have some delicious Christmas feasts available for pre-order, don’t miss out! These are the lovely holiday traditions we can still hold close to our hearts. 

Give Back

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Donate to a local charity, be it cash or in-kind. Find a safe way to participate in a volunteer activity if that is within capacity. You can even do something nice for a neighbour or send gifts to a loved one! Need ideas? Dazzle someone with a snazzy bouquet of flowers, a bunch of pretty balloons, or a bottle of bubbly.

We’ve got many reputable gifting merchants on GemSpot, so check out what merchants like Bull & Rabbit, Pink Me Florist, Chocolate Republic, and more have to offer. The feeling of giving back during the festive season will fill you with joy, something we can all use more of this year. 

Catch Up (Virtually) With Loved Ones

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The biggest challenge may be being away from your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up with them, albeit virtually. Thanks to technology, everyone’s a click or Zoom away. Host games online, have everyone dress up according to a theme — the possibilities are endless! If loved ones are within reach, send over some food or holiday cheers by dropping it off curbside. GemSpot’s always there to help make it happen. There are so many creative ways to keep the holiday spirit alive and well, even with a gloomy pandemic hanging overhead. 

Be a Couch Potato

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No, really. Not even kidding! It’s the best time to really thrive by chilling on the couch. Even better, there’s so much content to enjoy. If you pay for streaming services, you’ll have tons of holiday films and specials to enjoy. If you cannot afford that, there are many platforms offering free content as well. Nobody gets left behind this holiday season. 

Unleash Your Inner MasterChef

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Since a lot of us have spent the time indoors becoming experts in bread makers and Dalgona coffee enthusiasts, there’s no better time to whip up a storm in the kitchen than right now. In fact, our quarantine cooking habits are more than just a form of nourishment, they help us combat boredom and keep us focused on something productive. Don’t wanna make something from scratch? Order frozen sausages from Abraham’s Sausages & Charcuterie or burger patties from Oink Oink Gourmet Burger via GemSpot and you can fry up a meal that any carnivore would love.

Christmas may be very different from the years before, but we can still make it a merry one. Maybe you have some ways you’ll be ushering in that are unique to 2020? Share them with us! 

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