Why you should hire a home chef for your next party!

Whether for a milestone birthday, a special anniversary, or even celebrating a personal achievement, there are those occasions where you deserve to throw yourself a party to remember!

But how can you get the convenience of restaurant service, and at the same time enjoy the intimacy of entertaining guests at home?

Better than catering, and better than eating out, hiring a home chef is not only a worthwhile investment for a special occasion, as your friends rightly admire you as the formidable host or hostess you were meant to be!

1. They’ll do the grocery shopping for you

Many home chef services will not only create a menu for you but also buy all the ingredients needed for the various dishes they, or you, will be serving. No more planning and surveying just to compare prices, or tediously drive from one supermarket to another to check off your grocery list – leave it to your home chef do all the shopping for you. Besides saving you time, your home chef service might even offer you better quality ingredients as they source from their own suppliers and vendors.

And with personalised service, you can always make tweaks for the allergy or dietary requirements of your guests, or even to your personal tastet preference.

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2. It’s better than catering

While catering large amounts of food can be convenient, there are downsides to it. Needing to collect your food ahead of time, large takeaway containers that take up space by needing to be stored in your fridge or kitchen until guests arrive, reheating the food, and the list goes on! With a home chef service, professionals will take over your kitchen and whip up entire meals in place, serving individually plated courses freshly cooked, still warm from the pan! Your guests will feel spoiled, impressed and appetised!

3. You get to spend quality time with your guests

No need to excuse yourself every time your oven timer goes off, or interrupt jovial conversation as you take long breaks away to serve and refill individual plates. While your home chef plates up the meal courses, enjoy your evening (or afternoon) with all the party entertainment you planned, and take the opportunity to connect with everyone present. Your guests are after all, there to see you!

4. Save time pre- and post-party


Throwing a memorable party has many parts; food, décor, party activity, and of course, self-prep so you can look your best! With a home chef taking care of the food aspect of your evening, enjoy your ‘me-time’ with other fun parts of party planning including putting up decorations according to your party theme, or even spending time getting dressed to the nines for your big night!


Whether you’re the type to clean up after your guests leave, or the type who starts carrying drinking glasses to the sink (consciously or unconsciously) before the party ends, there is a dread that comes with knowing a post-party cleanup awaits you; either to do in an exhausted state at the end of the evening, or to wake up to the next morning!

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Great news: not only will home chef services help with the meal, most of them will also help to do the dishes! With at least one aspect of the cleanup done for you, you can enjoy your guests’ company until the last person leaves, and only have to expend your energy for the other little parts of tidying up.

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