The secret language of flowers

Did you know that every flower symbolises something different, with even different colour shades representing different emotions?

So the next time you want to deliver a bouquet to a loved one, use this handy guide to decipher the meaning behind common flowers found with Malaysian florists, and simply let the flowers speak for you!

  • Roses
    Often associated to romance, roses are considered ‘the love flower’, with the different colours representing different types of love.

    The classic red rose represents passionate love, appreciating beauty and perfection, and definitely the kind you would send to a romantic interest; while the pink rose embodies a sweeter sentiment, making it a more all-purpose gifting rose for any occasion. Want to send roses to a friend? Then choose the yellow rose, coloured like the sun to evoke joy and warmth. And for remembrance and respect, the white rose offers purity and hope.
  • Tulips
    Similar to roses in the way that the different colours represent different feelings, tulips are deeper in their embodiment in that they represent an unconditional love, making them appropriate not just for a spouse, but also for parents or siblings. In addition, tulips are also a popular choice in Feng Shui, whereby it is believed that having tulips in your front yard or home décor will welcome prosperity into your home.  
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
  • Anthuriums
    A flower popularly found in bouquets as well as indoor flower arrangements, anthuriums are known as the ‘hospitality’ flower. Found all-year round, the anthurium is a perfect flower for when visiting a friend or as a housewarming gift, wishing luck towards long-lasting relationships.
    Fun fact: ‘anthurium’ comes from the Greek words “oura” meaning tail and “anthos” meaning flower; loosely translating to ‘tail flower’.
  • Lilies
    Representing purity and devotion, lilies are associated to life and rebirth. White lilies are an especially popular choice for weddings as they represent a purity and virginity, but also as sympathy flowers for funerals as they symbolise rejuvenation of the soul as one returns to innocence and peace.
  • Carnations
    The scientific name for carnations; Dianthus (caryophyllus) is made up of two ancient Greek words “dios” meaning Gods, and “anthos” meaning flower; making this bloom the flower of the Gods! Symbolising fascination and admiration in love, but also luck, the pink carnation is interestingly the symbol of a mother’s undying love.
  • Sunflowers
    While it is a cheerful bloom that makes us think of blue skies and sunny days, the symbolism behind the sunflower is actually much deeper.
    Rooted in a Greek myth involving a love story surrounding the sun God Apollo, the sunflower represents adoration and loyal faith, much in the way that ancient civilizations worshipped the sun! This spiritual flower is often photographed standing tall, as its petals actually move in tracking the movement of the sun throughout the day.
    The sunflower is the perfect choice for someone for whom you wish luck and happiness, to show you believe in them or to congratulate them on an academic or career achievement.
  • Orchids
    Found all over the world and thriving in tropical climates, the exotic orchid symbolises fertility and virility! Popular in bouquets as well as in houseplants, an orchid’s long lifespan (when cared for) makes it a Feng Shui favourite, as the fertility symbolism also celebrates family and harmony.Throughout history, different cultures have sought after orchid plants, thus also making them a symbol of wealth and luxury.
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