A noodle-lover’s personal menu

Noodles on a plate, noodles in a bowl; noodles in a soup, noodles in a sauce; yellow noodles, ramen, kuay teow, mihun, springy noodles, straight noodles … there are so many reasons to love noodles, and absolutely no reason not to!

In Malaysia, we’re so lucky to have so many variations of flavoursome noodle dishes to enjoy, that you could probably eat noodles every day for a month and not have the same dish twice!

But do you really know what goes into each noodle dish? Here’s a quick refresher to whet your appetite and get your mouth watering!

1. Char Kuey Teow

If Malaysian dishes had to compete in a popularity contest, Char Kuey Teow would be right up there with Nasi Lemak, as it basically never disappoints!

And sorry to other states, but it’s nationally accepted that Penang style Char Kuey Teow reigns supreme! This delicious stir-fried dish (mentioned in its name, as ‘char’ means ‘stir-fry’ in Hokkien) is where wide flat rice noodles are tossed in a wok with oyster sauce, usually some type of chilli or belacan (unless you order kurang pedas), and depending on your preference, a variety of toppings including fish cake, prawns, and bean sprouts.

48 Ho Chiak Kopitiam, Kota Damansara (non-halal)

2. Laksa

Another uniquely Malaysian dish, is laksa. Whether you like Laksa Johor, Nyonya Laksa, or Laksa Sarawak – you would be correct in your preference because all laksa is good laksa!

The unique blend of flavours that laksa offers is a treat for the taste buds; the pleasant sourness of the asam and the rich creaminess of the coconut milk never fails to give you that warm and cosy feeling.

The perfect backdrop for your choice of toppings whether a curried soup or a fishy gravy, your noodles have met their perfect match! Throw on some shredded chicken, some veggies and top it off with a squeeze of lime.

Little Rimba, TTDI (pork-free, Muslim-friendly)

3. Curry Noodles

India meets China to prove that two infallible dishes, noodles and curry, go well with everything!
Whether you like it with lots of kuah in a bowl, or you like it dry and simply tossed together, Curry Mee is the perfect vessel for toppings such as shredded chicken, tofu puffs, and Asian veggies like bean sprouts and green onion.

Ipoh Cravings Café, Damansara Utama (pork-free, Muslim-friendly)

4. Pan Mee

A popular Hakka dish, Pan Mee is a hearty noodle serving that blends Chinese and Malaysian cultures.

This authentic hawker stall favourite can be served either soupy or dry, but the foundation stays the same; with hand-pulled noodles, green leafy veggies, mushrooms, anchovies, and a meat item (commonly minced pork, or for halal-friendly options minced chicken or even prawns). It is also often topped with an egg, poached being the common go-to, and even makes a delicious noodle dish to have dumplings with.
And of course, don’t forget the side sambal!

Go 2 Pan Me, SS2, PJ (non-halal)

5. Ramen

If you like noodles and Japanese flavours, then Ramen ought to be your thing! Slightly different from other noodles in that the soup or base itself can vary, but similar in that you can build and modify your choice of toppings.

Originally a soupy dish with hand-pulled wheat noodles, ramen has come a long way from its origins as a fish broth noodle soup. Ramen today, while still commonly found in classic miso and soy sauce flavours, has experienced its own evolution with flavours like kimchi, and even dry versions.

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